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About Sophie Chiche

Sophie Chiche is the founder of She has degrees in business, psychology, and journalism. She was born in Paris, lived in Barcelona, now lives in Los Angeles.

Get Over The Wall of Fear!

Mastin often talks to us about overcoming our fears. He has taught me a lot about this topic. We have conversations about our fears and how to manage them. Not denying them but rather, embracing them, using them for our growth. A few months ago, I was invited to speak at a TEDx talk in… Continue Reading →

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What To Do When “I Do” Becomes “I Did”

This blog was inspired by two comments friends made to me last week: My friend Lisa said, ” You are so gifted at finding your ex-husbands” and my friend KT said, “Your divorce is better than my marriage”. Yep, that’s true. Both of my ex-husbands are dear friends. People say divorce is failure but you… Continue Reading →

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