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T.C. Conway

About T.C. Conway

T.C. Conroy is a Life Coach for the creative professional community. With an extensive background in the music industry and working with some of the most well-known recording artists of our time; she is the coach that will help you tune up your life and reach your goals.

Whether you are a musician in your 20s, a stylist in your 30s or a talent executive in your 40s; she can speak your language and help you find your path. She is as much the key to your universal truth as she is to your new record deal or landing that next big job you are searching for.

The Love Wave That Is 11/11/11

This Friday, November 11th, or 11.11.11, the primary energies of the master number 11 will be repeated 3 times, 11-11-11.   At 11am GMT, there will be a magnificent gathering of Uni-versal energies. Some believe it will be the most powerful influx of light the Earth has EVER (and that’s a minute) experienced. I like to… Continue Reading →

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How to Make Friends With Yourself & Quadruple Your Happiness

Have you ever smacked your forehead in frustration muttering “stupid” at yourself for locking your keys in the house or forgetting where you parked?  Have you ever ruefully stared at a new wrinkle, hating yourself for getting older in spite of all your best-laid plans?  If so, you are NOT alone.  But wait there’s good… Continue Reading →

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