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What’s Keeping You From Stepping Into Your Starring Role?

When you entered 2014, you felt strongly that were ready to claim your role as artist, speaker, coach, leader, author, teacher, pro, star… We’re three months in, Daily Lovers. What if you could give yourself permission to do it right now? Would you? And, if not now, when? Know what I think? I think you’re… Continue Reading →

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Learn to love your inner critic!

Quick. Name three things toddlers hate: . . . Got them? I’ll go first: Change. Being ignored. Feeling unsafe. How’d I do? Pretty close? I’d like to submit for your consideration that toddlers have a boatload in common with our inner critics. Unconvinced? Read on. They both despise change. To wit: ever tried to get… Continue Reading →

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You And Your Impostor Complex Are Not Alone!

For a TEDxWomen talk on Dec. 1st, I’ve decided to talk about – and take down – the Impostor Complex. You know, that beast that wants to shut you down, reminding you of allll the ways you are not ready, capable, qualified, prepared and competent. Yeah. THAT. Which is perfect, of course, because my own… Continue Reading →

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