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As a licensed therapist, transformation coach, and mentor to well-known personalities in wellness, empowerment, and entertainment, Terri Cole is honored to help clients, and now readers like you, remain present and grounded, despite life’s complexities. She provides sustainable, action-oriented solutions you can implement TODAY that allow you to live a life that thrills you. Follow Terri on Twitter and Facebook.

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Keeping Love Healthy

Many people look at my husband of fifteen years, Victor Juhasz, and say, “Oh, you’re so lucky!” Trust me, I feel blessed to have met and married my true love, but our healthy marriage isn’t an accident and definitely can’t be chalked up to “luck.” We work at it by consciously making our connection a… Continue Reading →

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Create A Zen Den

Do you believe your surroundings affect your mood? Some psychological theories suggest your physical space reflects your mental space. My personal and professional experience supports this theory. Though I also believe the theory can be reversed, and your external space can also influence your internal space and state. I have a beautiful Zen Den at… Continue Reading →

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Are You Having Fun?

Are you having fun? Can you remember the last time you did something purely for the fun of it? Or the last time you laughed so hard your abs hurt the next day?? Did you ever notice that kids don’t need to be instructed to have fun? (Click to tweet) They make everything fun, as… Continue Reading →

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The Value Of Right Now

Do you spend a lot of time thinking ruminating about the past or catastrophizing into the future??  Do you feel like you live your life on autopilot much of the time? Most people do, so let’s get to changing that. This week I’Il offer you three quick BE HERE NOW exercises that will develop your… Continue Reading →

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You May Know It, But Do You Do It?

What is your attitude on a daily basis? Are you the first one to point out what is wrong in the world, your relationships or your life? Do you focus on what you DON’T have as opposed to focusing on what you DO have? We all do this from time to time. Though, if you… Continue Reading →

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Friend Or Frienemy?

Do you have any ‘frienemies’? Are there relationships in your life that  leave you feeling drained, judged, and depleted? You may feel a sense of obligation or dread when they want to spend time with you. As counterintuitive as it sounds, most people have at least one frienemy in their circle. So why would you… Continue Reading →

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The Art Of Slowing Down

Are you are always rushing? Is there just not enough time in the day? Do you think time is happening to you? (Um… It actually isn’t!) Check out this video (an oldie but a goodie) on the Art of Slowing Down and get real about your relationship to time and how it impacts your life…. Continue Reading →

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How Your Biggest Fear May Be Your Biggest Teacher

There was a point in my life when I considered myself pretty fearless. I was so uncomfortable feeling afraid that instead of avoiding, I ran head first into doing whatever I feared.  In my twenties I had a persistent fear of heights. Anything higher than 10 feet off the ground and I would break into… Continue Reading →

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This is Your Opportunity To Start Again

In just a few short weeks we will be a quarter of the way through 2014. Can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but I am more than a little excited for Spring. This Sunday (Daylight Savings) is just one of the many signs of the seasons changing. Soon we’ll see flowers blooming… Continue Reading →

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5 Ways To Ease Your Anxiety

In my private therapy practice, anxiety has surpassed addiction as the most commonly stated presenting problem for new clients. Recently, the weather alone has been enough to cause a lot of anxiety. Here on the east coast it seems that every other day we are getting more and more snow, causing greater strain in our… Continue Reading →

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Looking For Your People?

“Friends are family you choose for yourself.”  ~Author Unknown When it comes to choices in life, they are never ending. One of the most liberating, potentially healing and impactful choices you get to make is who you spend your time with. We don’t get to choose the family we are born into. Some family systems… Continue Reading →

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Success – Does One Size Fit All?

Success. Everyone is striving for it, lots of people are talking about it and there are experts for every aspect of it. Every business strategist or happiness coach out there has a different set of steps they must take to become successful. And they would work great if people were all the same, from the… Continue Reading →

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