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Amazing Grace

There are certain things you just can’t do in life without grace. And for me, until I found Grace in my life — specifically Grace Lee — I might have never followed my dreams. It’s inspiring when people do what they love when it’s uphill and against all odds while maintaining their dignity and poise…. Continue Reading →

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The Fear Of Asking For Help!

The magazine world is a bit like the land of Oz. Everything is in color, it’s shiny, magical, glamorous and full of life.  There are even flying monkeys…OK not flying monkeys, but you get my point. Just like the Emerald City of legend, the magazine world is not everything it appears to be. In Oz,… Continue Reading →

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Risky Business!

I have been terrified, fragile, vulnerable and overwhelmed. And it’s been the best time of my life. When you are young, the entire world incites you to follow your dreams. Your parents goad you with the prospect of being “anything you want to be,” and dedicated teachers rouse you to pick your career out like… Continue Reading →

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