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Yogi Cameron

About Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron left the world of high fashion in 1998 to seek the higher path available to all of us. He began his ongoing studies in Ayurveda at Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust in India under the guidance of his guru Sri Vasudevan after training at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City and Yogaville of Sri Satchidananda. Since then, Yogi Cameron has worked with individuals throughout the world to provide them with these ancient methods to live healthier, greener, more spiritually-minded lives in accordance with the Ayurvedic and yogic path. Using a combination of treatments, meditation, herbal remedies and diet guidance, Yogi Cameron helps treat specific conditions and set his clients on a path to greater mental, physical, and spiritual health. A primary goal of this path is helping each person find their purpose and practice.

An Image Of My Father

I grew up with my family in Iran. My image of my father when I was a child was that of a healthy, strong man. After meeting my English mother in the United Kingdom, he moved with her back to his native country of Iran to build a life together. He worked his way up… Continue Reading →

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Love! Love Wholly And Unconditionally!

I once read a story of a woman whose daughter was raped and murdered by someone.  The perpetrator was captured, convicted, and imprisoned straight away.  Many people in this woman’s situation would likely thirst for the perpetrator’s eternal suffering.  They would want to look into his eyes and tell him to go to hell so… Continue Reading →

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Robbed Of Peace No More!

On February 12, The Boston Herald reported that Shawn Michael Wilde, a 25-year-old man form Bridgewater, MA, was charged with stealing a $5,000 gold necklace from his 98-year-old grandmother—as she laid in her coffin before her funeral.  He reportedly showed up at the funeral home two hours before her service was supposed to start, and… Continue Reading →

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Peace Unchained: What Influence Do The Films We Celebrate Have On Our Culture?

The Entertainment section of The Huffington Post recently published an article about how actor Jamie Foxx spoke out against violence in films. “We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn’t have a sort of influence,” said Foxx, “It does.” With the start of awards season, we… Continue Reading →

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An Intervention For The Future!

A couple of days after the shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, I had a conversation with a journalist friend of mine about it. “What happened to those children is an absolute atrocity,” she said.  “And I’m sure you’re going to disagree with me on this, but in this case I really believe in an eye… Continue Reading →

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Finding your true inner beauty.

When I first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I joined Ellen and several guests on the floor with yoga mats.  I took them through a variety of yoga postures, including downward facing dog and cat/cow.  Then, when we came to child’s pose, Ellen commented how we could do that pose a couple of times… Continue Reading →

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