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Be A Warrior, Not A Worrier!

Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed and asked and asked and asked and wanted and wanted and wanted something SO BAD, only for it NOT to happen?

Uh yeah, that’s what we call a Spiritual Bummer.

I’m an entrepreneur. Why? I value freedom above all else. I would rather be free on the streets with my creations than bound to an office or 9-5 job making big money, but the well of my dreams has run dry. I chose the riskier path.

I am so committed to my dream that I would rather die than see my dreams die. That means no Plan B.

So you can imagine with that kind of passion and dedication comes a whole slew of mental challenges to stay positive, emotional challenges to stay motivated, spiritual challenges to stay inspired and a deep desire to ACCOMPLISH my dreams.

But you see, being a co-creator of life doesn’t mean things always turn out your way. See, I believe we are being called to live a deeply Spiritual life in the middle of modern day society. It used to be that to find God/Spirit/Source or to have any conscious contact with your Creator or your Purpose (if you are an atheist) that you would retreat to a monastery or cave and meditate, relinquish your worldly possessions and live the monastic lifestyle.

But that’s all changing. Today we are called to be Spiritually mature beings IN the world. We are called to be IN the world but not of it. We are called to be Spiritually strong.

What’s that mean? It means we are redefining our lives. I don’t know many employers who will let you stay home for a week because you are having a Spiritual Crisis or because you are going through “The Dark Night of Your Soul”.

This gets me back to those Spiritual Bummer moments. Those moments when you really wanted something to happen and it didn’t. It’s moments like those where we feel most confused and possibly abandoned by The Uni-verse. It’s times like those where we really question if we are meant to be doing what we thought we were.

But you see, what I’ve come to learn is that those moments where life just falls completely apart are moments to be cherished. The Uni-verse WILL support you in your purpose because It made you to fulfill it. But, if something falls apart, it’s a time to celebrate because something greater is yet to be.

There are so many examples from my life of gigantic acts of Grace being performed right in front of my eyes.

But my desire, my ambition and my impatience got the best of me. Instead of seeing the miracle that just happened, I apply the meaning that “I’m not supposed to be happy, or have what I want”.  Right before I truly committed to TDL, I was in a major rut and thought that living my dreams had come to an end. My inner critic told me that I had had my chance.

But, there was something within me that said, “Just wait”. I began to see that The Uni-verse’s delays are not The Uni-verse’s denials.

You see, we are called to be co-creators. This means that part of the equation is up to The Uni-verse. And because The Uni-verse is INFINITELY more intelligent than you or me, it will prevent things from manifesting in our lives because It knows it won’t serve our Higher Purpose. This can be hard news for our egos to take. Times like these may break our hearts, but the Truth is that times like these are wonderful times of Grace, of protection and are miracles.

The Path requires you to let go. To show up, but let go of the results. To walk on The Path means to see everything that happens as a lesson. It means to see everything that doesn’t work out as protection. It means to keep your attention focused on Love and The Uni-verse. When you do this, the false illusions of your life shatter.

Let them.

To like a life of Love directed by the Will of The Uni-verse is a Path of surrender. It is a Path of letting go. It is a Path of deeper understanding of why things happened. They happen for your best interests, for your education and for your benefit.

We are here to be warriors of Love, not worriers of outcome. Just decide that when things go wrong, that they are actually going right for the first




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