Be still and KNOW that you are RAD!

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I’m feeling called to write about letting go today – especially for those of us in the Western world. You know, there’s SO much DOING that we do. ACTION that we take. And that is good. But the question is… is it inspired action? Is it action from the heart? Or is it fearful action, scattered action and action from doubt?

Is the action LOVE based or fear based?

Is the action service driven or significance driven?

One of my favorite things about this time of year is that with the holidays, New Year and the like – things slow down. I get fewer emails. Less communication. It becomes an internal time for me to get still and listen with my inner ear.

And while I will certainly still be taking action, I’m choosing to slow down a little bit and listen. What if all our plans, our worries, our fears and the like we just put on hold for the rest of the month and took this as a time to get still and listen?

How often do we listen instead of do? It’s a pretty rare thing in our world. We tend to be human doings instead of human beings. I’ve found in my own life that no endless amount of fearful, stress-based doing is as powerful as tuning in to the inner voice and listening and ACTING from that place.

So, my blog today is simple. Would you be willing to let 2013 go? Would you be willing to be in today, right now and instead of projecting fear, worry, doubt or anxiety into the future – would you be willing to stop and listen? Could you make the rest of 2012 about listening instead of doing? Would you be willing to let go of the outcome and become still and silent for 30 minutes per day and tune in to your inner voice? Would you be willing to stop trying for the rest of the year and simply start being?

To do this, can you take 30 minutes out of your day, either morning or evening and meditate? But not just any kind of meditation, a HEART meditation. Can you become still, close your eyes and focus your mind within your own heart? And then just listen. Feel it beating. Feel its pulse sustain your life? This is where deep wisdom dwells – not in the mind, but here in the heart. Can you go there?

And then let go of the rest for the remainder of 2012? Can you simply…. listen?

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  • Trent


    Thank you for your reminder.  I’ve been incredibly busy the last few weeks and I have let my quiet meditation time slip.  That was a mistake and your post was just the nudge I needed to take my practice back up.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.


  • CaliShelley

    I don’t think I’ll make it for a whole 30 minutes but I will try. I WANT to be still and listen to MY heart. Thank you for this great advice…

  • Desi

    Thank you for the reminder to stop & take a minute for yourself. I’m taking you up on your challenge-for the rest of 2012 I WILL take time out of my day to meditate. I WIll slow down & I WILL make a effort” to be”  rather than be focused on “doing.” I believe we should a start a challenge-I’m the first to sign up!

  • Praying Mantisii2

    As always, you’ve hit the nail on the head for me. So relevant to my life. I love what you say about fearful stress based doing being less powerful than acting from our inner voice. Thank you for inspiring and grounding me when I need it most. You effect my life in truly profound ways. Thank you!!

  • Lauren

    I want to thank you not only for the blog today, but for the listening feature you now have. When I was in the hospital and couldn’t do anything, I knew that I could just listen to your words of encouragement and inspiration. That simple gesture helped me in ways that you could not even believe so again, thank you Mastin!

  • This is a great challenge Mastin. One that I will take on. I have been reading A Return to Love and it has opened me up so much that now I need to just be still and listen. Even if it’s for 5 minutes in the morning. I will begin there. Then increase as I get more inner stillness.

    This post also reminds me of something Iyanla Vanzant that we are all so busy doing that we need to stop all the doing and start being.

    Thanks Mastin for the reminder and happy being. 

  • Dshort2010

    Perfect timing and something I have been having trouble doing lately. I’ve never really been much of a worrier, never really found it to be too helpful.  This time, I’m struggling to let go of wondering if it really will be ok.

    Since I decided to start a new life three years ago by filing for divorce, things have always fallen in to place just when they needed too…I have always had faith that things will be ok and the path will appeare when it is time.

    My alimony runs out in Febuary…and I’m worried about being able to pay my bills.  Sometimes the thoughts become overwhelming.  This is a new concept for me and I really am tired of it.  I know there are options for me, I know that I am capable, I know that my life is proof positive that I will be ok…still those thoughts come.

    So your post is a reminder to let go.  I have right now, and right now is good.  I have my beautiful children who are happy and KNOW they are loved.  It’s time to let go of the worry…and remember that I am good.


  • lmomof2

    I know that when thoughts of slowing down make my thoughts speed up that I need to SLOW DOWN!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • This blog really resonated with me today: “stop trying… and simply start being.” I have this crazy fear that I’ll somehow get left behind–and my future won’t work out like I want– if I’m not actively doing something to ‘make it happen’ all the time. But how do I even know what’s the best path for me if I don’t take the time to stop and listen to my heart? Mastin, thank you for this reminder!

  • My heart resonates with this post. In the middle of reading this, I closed my eyes, tuned into the ambient music of this coffee shop and felt for my heartbeat. She was singing back to me like the waves of the earth. 

    I’ve found that showing up to work my job with the attitude to be present and find the joy in the moment, I am much more successful and blissful, than when I show up with unreasonable goals to achieve ‘work’ as imperative. I had a turning point when I said, I am stopping ‘living’ an expectation, and choosing joy and love in ‘being’.

    Last thing I want to share, my morning gratitudes have been very simple.
    I am thankful to wake up in a bed, with a warm blanket.
    I am thankful my kitchen has at least a jar of peanut butter.
    I am thankful I have a bicycle to get me places today.

  • Elizabeth

    Great reminder, thank you Mastin! God bless, Elizabeth

  • Yes I can! Heck, If I can drink Green Juice everyday, I can add a “Heart Meditation” to my list as well. Thanks Mastin. I have slowed down my life SIGNIFICANTLY in the past 5 years. And, loving it more than ever. The more I stop, “DOING,” things that were a waste of my time (like talking on the phone, Facebook, shopping, and etc), the more I have heard guidance from the All Mighty Uni-verse. Especially through writing. Especially through listening to music… at the gym. Most mornings, I go to work-out. And, I MOSTLY go to connect to the divine. “WHAT?” I know, I know…It is an unlikely Sacred Space (love that store in Summerland), and it is where I hear spirit most. Yes, I said it. In a sweaty, hot, enclosed arena…I hear God. Not really hear a voice, and still most days I receive guidance on what I am to do for the day. What blogs I will write next (Just wrote one on following our passion and Surfers). I turn up the volume on my ipod, close my eyes, and pedal my heart engine on the stationary bike… all the way to Heaven. “What’s the key to the pearly gates?” I am no longer…THINKING! Mastin’s trainer would not be pleased, AND I receive too many goodies to change it. For now. This is how I know that God will reach us..ANYWHERE! Cinnamon Lofton writes, “You can’t think your way to higher consciousness, not with religion, or meditative poses, yoga, or any thought process. It’s this simple: Breathe in the love that is your birthright exhale, and relax into it. (If you are not free, you are still thinking.)”  As I am listening to the music and breathe…I relax. When I relax…I listen. When I listen…I hear. When I hear…I serve. It’s that simple. We just have to complicate it.  The Daily Commenter, Kathleen

  • Mindfulness365


    Thank you.  Thanks for bringing me back and showing us the way.  Now I must walk through the door.  Unconditional love and gratitude.


  • Claudia Jordan

    Love this!  I needed this today. I have been so fearful about money issues in the last few years.  Then 2 months ago when it looked like we were going to lose everything, I just let it go.  And guess what?  Now the money is rolling in!  I will take your challenge for the rest of 2012 and into 2013!  Thanks  BTW, also LOVE the quotes today!

  • Tal

    This is actually one of my goals for next year – maintain daily meditation!

    I tried meditation for about a month so far, and I already feel so much more aware of who I am in every moment. I find I’m able to make decisions more clearly and from a core of knowing what I believe is right rather than from a place always wondering what others think is right.

    I think it’s still going to be important to set goals for the new year, except this time I’m hoping by always connecting back inward and being in the present the decisions I make will guide me in the right direction. If I achieve my goals in the process, then that’s great! If not, then it means it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s okay too 🙂

  • Buckeye06

    Mastin, thank you for this reminder, I am making it a point to meditate everyday and listen to my heart!

  • Tadams74501

    Simply Beautiful!

  • Lkdodge72

    Mastin, I saw you on Super Soul Sunday. The Daily Love spoke loud and clear to me today. I have been suffering from fear, doubt, and depression. Just this morning, I sat on my couch before I left for work, and ask for peace, love  and calm in my mind and heart.
    Wow! There you were. As if you knew how I was feeling. Thank You.

  • Does anyone have any tips for focusing during meditation? I live in a loud environment and there are always things going on outside my house. For what ever reason though, it’s really hard for me to center myself and I’m not sure what I can do to make it easier. 

    • lizilynx

      Could you get a pair of head-phones to block out the noise?
      Also, the 1st time I meditated, I sat comfortably still and listened to music on one side of a LP (yes, it was that long ago); each time a song came life, I focused on one of the instruments. When the next track came on, I listened to a DIFFERENT instrument, and repeated the pattern to the end of the LP. I was AMAZED at the level of focus I was able to achieve with this simple and pleasurable exercise. I consider meditation to fundamentally be a exercise in focusing & not making meaning – So I’ve been using meditation in many different ways – and all of them have calmed me and aided my ability to focus on all kinds of things.  I hope this helps! :o)

  • There are so many moments where the sweetest feeling rushes over me. All I can do to enjoy it is just to sit and feel. There’s nothing to do during those moments but rejoice in stillness as all things move within me. 

  • Alyxandria

    Hi Mastin,

    This is so great! I’m a freelancer and work just slowed down for me a few weeks, which could make things tighter this month. At first, I started to panic AND THEN I had an Ah-Ha moment where I thought, “Wait! This is the perfect time to step back, evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, so that I can take informed action to create my dreams in 2013.”

    Meditation always makes me more productive in the end. Taking a half an hour a day to just meditate and be helps me clarify what I want. If I actually meditate twice a day for 1/2 an hour each and do qigong, my entire existence changes!

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Warm regards,

  • sharbiz

    I have started to meditate just in the last few days and I have already given up. This blog is very inspirational and I will meditate for 3o minutes tonight! Thank you Mastin. 

  • Great post, Mastin. Timely, heart-felt and impactful. I’m going to link to this in my newsletter today. Thank you for all that you do (and are).

  • 2yoshimi

    Thanks Mastin. About two weeks ago something deep inside of me said to talk less and listen more. I am amazed at what has come up. My spirit only speaks the truth.

  • Tears fill my eyes as I type. This is exactly what I needed today to refocus on me…and quiet the voices so that I can hear mine.  Thank you Mastin. Simply LOVED this post.  #WordHug

  • Nicely said… 🙂 thank u x

  • Madeline


    I have a daily meditation practice, but have been feeling like something is missing…. that’s it’s been too quiet.  I’m going to take your suggestion and listen to my heart!  Thank you for suggesting it.

    Love, Madeline

  • Julie

    This totally spoke to me today.  Last month I quit my job and moved to a different state with my boyfriend. I was unsure about this move from the get-go, the object was to start my business up again…I have never had so much time by myself. I have searched my soul for answers, enlightenment and drive.  I have laughed, cried and read and searched.  I found that being still allowed me to recognize what I really wanted and once I occupied my mind with business my thoughts became clouded.  So, yes I totally agree, slowing down helps us listen to what’s really deep down inside.  Something that is frequently ignored.  Thank you 

  • Catharine

    To let go 2013?  never in my wildest dream having this idea. I will give it a try. Thank you Mastin!

  • 1palmetto

    I am going to let go of 2012 and stop worrying about what’s to come in 2013. I am a PhD candidate and I have been waiting for the last 3 months for my research to be approved. I have worried day in and day out. The thing is, I have NO CONTROL over what is happening. Instead of being at peace with the outcome, I am worried about what I can do. My goal for the rest of 2012 is to stop trying and just be (and enjoy being).