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Be still and KNOW that you are RAD!

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I’m feeling called to write about letting go today – especially for those of us in the Western world. You know, there’s SO much DOING that we do. ACTION that we take. And that is good. But the question is… is it inspired action? Is it action from the heart? Or is it fearful action, scattered action and action from doubt?

Is the action LOVE based or fear based?

Is the action service driven or significance driven?

One of my favorite things about this time of year is that with the holidays, New Year and the like – things slow down. I get fewer emails. Less communication. It becomes an internal time for me to get still and listen with my inner ear.

And while I will certainly still be taking action, I’m choosing to slow down a little bit and listen. What if all our plans, our worries, our fears and the like we just put on hold for the rest of the month and took this as a time to get still and listen?

How often do we listen instead of do? It’s a pretty rare thing in our world. We tend to be human doings instead of human beings. I’ve found in my own life that no endless amount of fearful, stress-based doing is as powerful as tuning in to the inner voice and listening and ACTING from that place.

So, my blog today is simple. Would you be willing to let 2013 go? Would you be willing to be in today, right now and instead of projecting fear, worry, doubt or anxiety into the future – would you be willing to stop and listen? Could you make the rest of 2012 about listening instead of doing? Would you be willing to let go of the outcome and become still and silent for 30 minutes per day and tune in to your inner voice? Would you be willing to stop trying for the rest of the year and simply start being?

To do this, can you take 30 minutes out of your day, either morning or evening and meditate? But not just any kind of meditation, a HEART meditation. Can you become still, close your eyes and focus your mind within your own heart? And then just listen. Feel it beating. Feel its pulse sustain your life? This is where deep wisdom dwells – not in the mind, but here in the heart. Can you go there?

And then let go of the rest for the remainder of 2012? Can you simply…. listen?

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