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Beautiful Is What You Are!

Sarah DeAnna“Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.” ~ Markus Zusak

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about being a model is that models – who are all pretty and good looking – must feel that way all of the time. That is so not true. Having a modeling contract and being able to make money off your looks doesn’t actually mean that you feel beautiful or are considered beautiful in a mainstream kind of way. Nor does it mean that you’re a beautiful person on the inside.

So, what does it mean to be a model? Well, it means you take good pictures, make clothes and makeup look good, have a good walk, and are interesting looking, among many other things. Of course, there are those traditionally “gorgeous” models who seem to look like a million glamorous bucks all the time, but, in general, most models sometimes have to look what Tyra Banks calls “ugly-pretty.”  That’s right, a lot of times when I’m modeling, I have to look kind of ugly, and that makes me feel really ugly. Yes, ugly! It can be the way my hair is done, the way the makeup looks, or how the clothes fit. Sometimes, it’s even just the lighting or how people look at me and make me feel.

I did a last-minute photo shoot last Sunday and, although we had a great team, I seriously felt so ugly! We were shooting the new Dior collection, which is gorgeous, and the concept was to do this futuristic, alien type of look. I always book those kinds of jobs. Models get typecast just like actors do, and I rarely get cast as the beautiful bombshell. When bookers need a weird, alien, edgy-looking model, I’m their girl, and I’ve come to accept that.

During the shoot, we had a tough time with the lighting, the clothes, and the poses. The makeup was really cool. I had these full, gold eyebrows and gold all over my eyes and my hair was slicked back. It was incredibly striking, but it wasn’t really a look you’d want to wear out in public, even though it was Golden Globes Sunday. By the end of the shoot, I felt really down on my looks. That’s what happens when you see way too many bad pictures of yourself. Yes, even models take bad pictures. Over the course of my career, I’ve had to realize that on set things like makeup and lighting and clothes are outside of my control. Us models don’t really have a say in how we look, how we’re dressed, or how we’re lit. That’s not our job. Our job is to make whatever we’ve got on look the best we can.  That Sunday, we got some fantastic shots, but it definitely wasn’t the type of glamorous photo shoot that most people often think of.

After we finished, I washed my face, brushed my hair out, and wiped off as much of the gold makeup as I could. Then, I put my own clothes on and left. Just doing that made me feel better about myself, but it also made me question all this beauty stuff and what feeling good and looking good is all about. We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you think you are,” or some version of that. Well, my thoughts on that photo shoot were not beautiful, self-loving thoughts. They were the exact opposite: Oh yuck, not that angle, Geez, I look angry, Blah, I look old, Ugh, I hate that expression, My arms look fat like that, My mouth looks crooked there, My eyes look weird, You can see the scar on my face. Negative, negative, negative! Nobody feels beautiful and sexy all the time — not even the most ridiculously gorgeous people on the planet — but we all want to feel that way, and there’s nothing wrong or vain about that.

Sometimes I’ll do a shoot and I’ll look good in every photo, and sometimes I’ll do a shoot and look terrible in every photo. Do you ever think you look good in some photos and terrible in others? How many photos of yourself have you ever deleted? This is not a model thing, it’s a human thing! Even the most self-aware of us get caught up in negative thinking and self-sabotage. I, for one, know better than to let my negative thoughts run rampant, I talk a lot about this in my book, Supermodel You, but I still get caught up in my emotions sometimes. What I have to remember is that a beautiful person is not defined by his or her job, makeup, hair, or anything else. Beauty is what’s inside you and what you radiate, and more often than not, what you radiate has a lot to do with what you think and how you let your thinking control what you become.

At the end of the day, despite being cast as the alien girl, I am still a human, and all humans need to be regularly reminded of how beautiful and amazing we are. While it’s always nice to hear that from other people, it’s most helpful to hear that you’re beautiful and amazing from yourself! And you need to hear and say it often. You don’t have to stare into a mirror and say it out loud, but you should definitely say it in your head. If you’re not feeling beautiful because you woke up with a zit on your face, because you’re bloated, because you’re having a bad hair day, or because someone put you down, those are the days when you need to do it even more. The most important thing to remember is that what makes you beautiful is who you are. You won’t need a picture or a person to show you or tell you that you’re beautiful when you know who you are. When what radiates inside you and dwells in your heart is beautiful it will illuminate your face and you will always be stunning. (Tweet-worthy!)

For the rest of the day and ideally for the rest of your life, try thinking beautiful loving thoughts about yourself, about others, about your job, about your life, about the traffic, about the bills, about your dysfunctional family, and about everything. Shine those thoughts and become those thoughts, because what you think is what you become and beautiful is simply who you are.

With LoVe, XoXo,

Sarah DeAnna


Sarah DeAnna is an international high fashion model who works with some of the biggest names in fashion. She is the bestselling author of Supermodel YOU: Shockingly Healthy Insider Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Supermodel.