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Before you set another goal – READ THIS!

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It was an AWESOME week last week with Love Uni-versity: Discover the Wisdom of Your Fear! We had all kinds of breakthroughs and “ah-ha” moments during the week. What was ALSO rad about it is that we did our first ever Group Mentoring LIVE in Hollywood!

It was SO much fun – I’ve never done LIVE before and I gotta say, I LOVE it! So expect more LIVE things from TDL in the next 12 months!

One of our brave participants really stood out on the final day of Group Mentoring LIVE. She wanted to go to France to get her MBA. And at the beginning of the week, it was pretty obvious to me that getting her MBA was not her next step, if she was following what SHE wanted to do. Upon digging further we found out that she wanted to get an MBA because her father wanted her to get an MBA. And the reason why she wanted to go to France was to get AWAY and BREAK FREE!

She, like so many other daily lovers, is an amazing person. So she decided to COMBINE her father’s wish for her, which is to get an MBA with her desire to break free (à la going to France) – and BOOM – there you have it – going to France to get an MBA. She also believed that to do all this required so much planning.

What she came to realize at the end of the week was profound. I asked her “If the MBA was off the table, would you still go to France?” And her answer was an immediate – “HELL YES!” Now I’m a BIG believer in education, but there are MANY ways to educate yourself. My TRUE mission is to help people drop into their purpose and break through all the blocks that prevent them from doing so.

And in this case, what she REALLY wanted was to EXPLORE. But she thought she needed her father’s approval to do it, so she tied in getting an MBA. What she realized is that she could go to France NOW without waiting. And she could do the things she wanted NOW without having to plan. And that it was safe for her to do what SHE wanted, instead of what someone else wanted her to do.

This is the crazy thing about goal setting. We set goals so that we can feel a certain kind of feeling – happy, secure, abundant, etc. But many times the goals that we set are not in alignment with being able to sustainably bring us these feelings. What’s more, we may not even be setting goals that are our own, we may be setting goals so that mom, or dad or our tribe approve of us.

This is why we MUST live a Self-Approved life. This life is NOT a dress rehearsal and it is up to us to be able to do the work so that we can uncover our mission and to pursue it NOW. Not in the future, not 10 years from now, but NOW. And quite frankly the only person’s permission we need is… you got it, our own!

So, are you setting any goals because you want to make someone ELSE happy? What goals would you set if it were about following what YOU love? The TDL Community comes alive in the comments below, so leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going!



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