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Being a little scared is part of living your dreams!

mk_treesI was having a conversation the other day with a client of mine in the TDL Mentoring Program  and we were talking about growth and living your dreams.

And the key part of what I said was that we must always be a little bit scared if we are going to live our dreams.

That is to say, pushing just beyond our comfort zone so that we are always stretching just a little bit more. As in yoga and in life, it’s in the uncomfortable stretch that we grow.

Many people *know* what their next move is, but they don’t do it. They spend time thinking about it. They wonder. They try to figure out if they do it – what will happen. And all the while – they stay still, staying stuck. Happiness in life is about stepping into necessary uncertainty and not needing to know the outcome – because if we are honest – we rarely, if ever, know.

All of life is a giant leap of faith. And what holds us back is the obsessive and debilitating need for certainty of outcome ahead of time. But that is not how life works. Life requires faith, boldness and courage to step into the unknown with the knowing that my heart and intuition are always guiding me and know the way. As I step out of the way, a way will be made. And as I take a step, even though it looks like there is nothing underneath me, I know that I will be supported.

A lot of people die twice: first when they give up on their dreams, and then finally at the end of their lives. But this is not the path of anyone reading this blog or within the sound of my voice. We want more. And that means that each and every day we take one step, one inch or one giant leap into the unknown. And in doing so, we face a fear daily – which means that every day we are going to be a little scared.

And soon enough, we build up a muscle to the fear and it becomes a normal and natural part of our lives. And after a year, two or three we cannot imagine the life we are living now – it’s actually better than our dreams. But that kind of life must be earned through risk taking and through facing our fears of the unknown.

Are you willing to be a little scared every day?

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