Being a little scared is part of living your dreams!

mk_treesI was having a conversation the other day with a client of mine in the TDL Mentoring Program  and we were talking about growth and living your dreams.

And the key part of what I said was that we must always be a little bit scared if we are going to live our dreams.

That is to say, pushing just beyond our comfort zone so that we are always stretching just a little bit more. As in yoga and in life, it’s in the uncomfortable stretch that we grow.

Many people *know* what their next move is, but they don’t do it. They spend time thinking about it. They wonder. They try to figure out if they do it – what will happen. And all the while – they stay still, staying stuck. Happiness in life is about stepping into necessary uncertainty and not needing to know the outcome – because if we are honest – we rarely, if ever, know.

All of life is a giant leap of faith. And what holds us back is the obsessive and debilitating need for certainty of outcome ahead of time. But that is not how life works. Life requires faith, boldness and courage to step into the unknown with the knowing that my heart and intuition are always guiding me and know the way. As I step out of the way, a way will be made. And as I take a step, even though it looks like there is nothing underneath me, I know that I will be supported.

A lot of people die twice: first when they give up on their dreams, and then finally at the end of their lives. But this is not the path of anyone reading this blog or within the sound of my voice. We want more. And that means that each and every day we take one step, one inch or one giant leap into the unknown. And in doing so, we face a fear daily – which means that every day we are going to be a little scared.

And soon enough, we build up a muscle to the fear and it becomes a normal and natural part of our lives. And after a year, two or three we cannot imagine the life we are living now – it’s actually better than our dreams. But that kind of life must be earned through risk taking and through facing our fears of the unknown.

Are you willing to be a little scared every day?

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  • Osage Dior

    Yes…I am willing to be a little scared today…Here we go…

  • Mo

    I’m so ready to leap, but how do you deal with a spouse who NEEDS you to have a plan?

    • emnemn

      Meet your spouse half way … define some baby steps, take them successfully, then tell your spouse it’s their turn to trust you and allow you some degrees of freedom for the next stage. Repeat as often as necessary. Good luck!

  • Christal

    Yes, I’m ready and I know God is on my side..I will be courageous

  • amarie

    This post was for me today. Knowing and being ready is one thing. Actually DOING is another. Pushing through that ting of uncertainty is my daily challenge. It is like walking through the dark woods being led by a sole light, not knowing was is lurking in the darkness. Thank GOD for the light. Bless you Mastin.

  • Mark Deman

    You have read my mind. This post was for me today also. @ 2:00 I will be on a final interview for a sales job. I never held a sales position, but all my life have wanted to try it. Since November 2011, I have encountered every roadblock imaginable, loss of home, job, retirement savings, etc. Thank you Mastin for the confidence I have needed for my 2:00 interview. GOD has many good plans for you!!!

    • kathyp7

      best to you today!

  • There is not a day that goes by that I am not being pushed and challenged by…my OWN whisper. I have learned that the only way to peace, is to listen to it and take ACTION. It may mean derailing my plans for the day. This is surrender. Just today, my hubby asked me, “So, what is your plan on …x, y, and z?” I told him my “PLAN” and then said: “And you know me…if my whisper from divinity tells me otherwise…I will need to change the PLAN.” I could tell, that my answer did NOT meet HIS models, but slowly and surely he is surrendering to the fact that LOVE is #1 in my life. I had to learn this the HARD way. My biggest fear NOT taking ACTION on what my gut tells me to do (even when it is stepping out of my comfort zone). So I LISTEN, I take ACTION, and now I am posting on my blog EVERYDAY, writing: “Monday through Sunday with…Kathleen.” My head REALLY is starting to complain at this type of dedication (hats off to you, Mr. Kipp), but as I said, my heart is my dictator and I am its servant.
    The Daily Commenter,
    FB me: Kathleen Chelquist (Love)

  • Erica

    “Face a fear daily,” YES, I knew there was a reason I read this today with a bunch of emails in my inbox. Every day I want to grow…this is a surefire recipe. Thank you. Soooo much love.

  • I have an anxiety disorder which means that I live every day with some fear.

    “Fear cannot live with faith.” Charles G. Adams

    • Lori

      Jeanette–I know exactly what you are going through. It gets exhausting sometimes, but that also means that we have an understanding about anxiety which makes us more compassionate and aware of those who also deal with anxiety on a daily basis. My dream involves helping others, who deal with anxiety and depression, through music. Sharing my music, when I get myself out of my own head and fears, has been incredibly rewarding. I am positive that you have a gift to offer others as well. Sometimes what we “deal with” on a daily basis is what connects us to another in a meaningful way. Lori

  • This is brilliant and so well said!! As I start my health coaching business (I am just finishing BSchool) I am scared every single day – and this post has helped me to embrace that fear. Thanks Mastin – you’re a rockstar and very appreciated!!

  • But, what do you do if the fear is overwhelming. I am at rock bottom. I don’t know what i’m going to do. I was involved in a 2-year relationship with a man who I just found out was still married even though he told me he was separated then divorced. His wife found out about us. He ended everything just on this past sunday. He created an environment where I was dependent on him financially, emotionally. I know he couldn’t have “made me” that way. I made that choice. But, now I am jobless, barely have a roof over my head, and zero money. I am so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to begin. I am isolated and scared to death.

    • Meg Sweet

      Hi Susan-

      I was reading through comments and yours touched me. Best advice given to me, was to think of somebody else that I can be of service to. Somehow this helps, and it frees me from the prison of my own mind. All of those details will work out as well if you stay open. A good prayer: “God, please remove my fear at once, and show me who you would have me be, and what you would have me do.”

      • Thank you, meg. I have been praying every morning and every night and even in between. I am just so overwhelmed and have been out of the workplace for so long I don’t know where to start. I am asking God to help me even though I don’t deserve it. Asking Him to silence my fear so I can hear Him. But, I’m not hearing anything.
        And I am so preoccupied with why/how this man did this to me. I need some sort of closure. And i’m never going to get it.

        • Meg Sweet

          you can email me-

          [email protected]. I would love to reply but better in private 🙂

  • Meg Sweet


    Thank you so much for this. I have been reading TDL for a couple of years now. TDL helped me get sober. It started a spark in me that realized I could live a life of freedom, free from the chain and guilt of my alcoholism and the way I was living my life. Now, I am actually taking the NEXT INDICATED step towards fulfiling my dreams. I have always thought about the Peace Corps and wondered if I could really do it, how I would do it, and if it was even possible. Slowly but surely I have been quiet and listened for an answer and so far that answer has been to just keep taking the next step. I am now filling out my application and of course a lot of fears and uncertaintly are popping up…I needed this article to remind me that for ME, LIFE is not about staying comfortable. It is about growing, and sometimes that IS a little painful and scary. Thank you so much for what you have brought to me. Thank you to TDL for being an always uplifting addition to my day and a constant reminder that we are ALL inherently GOOD.

    Much love,


  • Coty Warn

    Hi Mastin!

    I’ve been following The Daily Love for some time now, and it has truthfully saved me in more ways than you can even imagine. It’s my daily check in and it’s crazy how each blog is always exactly what I need for the day. I literally just packed up my life 2 weeks ago to move to San Francisco to follow my dreams and my heart. I didn’t think it was possible to do, had very little planned, but I surrendered the control, trusted in the universe, and everything fell into place like I was being guided to where I needed to be. I arrived on Monday, felt amazing, and then woke up today- scared. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that in order to grow we have to be scared. I would always avoid that feeling, but now after much personal growth, honesty, and big risks I realize it’s ok to be scared and that if I am, I am moving toward something very exciting.

    Thank you so much for being such a positive force in the world, and for continuing to help people learn what it means to truly live!

  • Sarah Y

    This line really touched and moved me ”
    A lot of people die twice: first when they give up on their dreams, and then finally at the end of their lives.” Especially because I have been delaying my own
    Dreams for quite sometime and because I suddenly have this very strong loud voice calling from inside of me telling me that I cannot and should not wait for even one more day no matter how logical it seems to be more prepared and to have a solid plan instead of diving into the unknown. That voice is telling me that the right thing to do is to do it now. This post comes at a critical time for me, thank you

  • Renee

    I woke up this morning with the weight of the world on my shoulders, really needing some spiritual guidance as I am about to go through with a break up that I have been stalling with for days. I have known it was the right thing to do, but have been sitting in fear. I have been sitting on this cusp of old messages and behaviors, too scared to take the leap of Faith. It is so scary not knowing what is on the other side or if I will be caught. That shows that my perception is that I will fall instead of liberating my spirit and being true to my journey. I believe that is where the boldness and courage need to come in. I so needed your message today. Thank you.

  • I’m really starting to understand what this principle means in my life. Thank you for articulating it so perfectly Mastin!

  • So we put our hands up….like the ceiling can’t hold us, like the ceiling can’t hold us. THIS IS OUR MOMENT! my new fave song! Ryan Lewis and Macklemore (sp?) Daily Love indeed. Every second, every minute, every hour of every day. Feel it, know it, love others and start with yourself.

  • It’s so good to know that being scared is a part of following your dreams. Since I’ve gone for my dreams, I’ve felt some fear nearly everyday, and often it leaves me second-guessing. I want to work on viewing that fear as positive fear (I’m growing and facing my edges) rather than negative (this is too much; I should just give it up). Hopefully if I keep reassuring myself each day I’ll begin to see it as positive. Either way, by continuing on — step by step, as you say — I won’t be giving up at all. Looking forward to my life turning out better than my dreams!

  • Oy Mastin! Such Truth! I’m 55, and two weeks ago said, “ENOUGH!”to my life as it was… I needed to finally step off the cliff, so to speak… Talk about fear… I no longer have the luxury of anyone but me for financial support, yet it got to the point of my risking dying broke but totally blissed out, or a financially comfortable & already dead!

    Then the lessons started pouring in… As Tony Robbins taught me, fear is just energy…OMG! That tidbit alone revolutionized the way I now react to those old familiar feelings, and have been HUGE in relieving me of the paralyzes that used to set in for less…

    I say for less because fear would creep in, while I was still in the comfort of my predictable paycheck job, just thinking about leaving it to burst into the life of my dreams! So massive would the paralyzes be, I couldn’t even do that secure job well… Now that I have taken the leap without a net, when I would have thought I’d be huddled in a corner, I’m seeing that feeling for what it is: Energy…

    Then my only choice is what I want to do with that energy. I’ve begun to condition myself to have two options available, when THAT energy shows up, both choices are related to the task at hand, and serve two purposes:

    One: which ever I choose causes a pattern interrupt.
    Two: whichever I choose keeps me on tract, I just take a slightly different path, but still in the right direction…

  • Rochelle Soetan

    Dearest Mastin,

    Your “voice” here is prevalent and much needed in today’s society. The readers who engaged this platform are brave, like you, like me. I like to think that people are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there, hence absorbing the messages of love and light. This is what we know as divine order. I like your Yoga analogy :>) Change is never comfortable. In fact, it is through the most uncomfortable circumstances that change is induced in the first place. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Never more truer words spoken.

    When time permits, please engage my platform as well at

    Love and Light,
    Rochelle Soetan/