Being Awesome Is AWESOME!

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? This ancient philosophical question has evoked a lot of “head-scratching” for many, including philosophers like Aristotle, Plato and Darwin. It was Plato who said, “everything, before it appeared on earth, had first its being in spirit.”

It’s in the being that everything is created. This includes how other people can see, feel, detect and KNOW all ways of your being. And since like attracts like – you’ll find yourself surrounded by those who reflect all of your qualities, shortcomings and successes.

We don’t become awesome once people see that we’re awesome. That kind of waiting around for validation will never serve us in being the best versions of ourselves. People see our awesomeness when we shine our light and hold ourselves in that space. We attract what we ARE, not what we simply WANT.

If you want a life of excellence, BE excellent. If you want to date someone magnificent, BE a magnificent person. If you want a raise, BE an ethical worker with an unwavering essence of greatness. If you want to lead people, BE a leader. You cannot wait for the “right time” or “someday” to magically experience all that you desire.

The changes that you wish to see begin to happen the SECOND you decide that you’re worthy and enough. When you stop doubting yourself and you graciously accept the inner-knowing that you’re ALREADY AWESOME, it’ll begin to show up in your body, your face, your relationships and your life on a fundamental level. Every single thought that you have creates a domino effect that begins in every single cell of your body – and then it continues outward into The Uni-verse. There is no separation.

When you love Your Self, and PROCLAIM that you’re worthy of a life worth living, you’ll accept nothing less than AWESOME into your life. It’s non-negotiable, failure is NOT an option, and you get to enjoy life a whole lot more. It’s really not that difficult. Just make the mental shift. Decide, RIGHT NOW, that you’re AWESOME. And AMAZING. And ONE OF A KIND!

If you feel like you don’t “fit in” – it’s because you’re a leader. Leaders were never meant to blend in with the masses. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, out loud, that you’re EXCEPTIONAL. There is nothing wrong and everything right with you.

BE it. SEE it. GET it.

Love all that is you,

Jenna xox


Jenna Phillips is a Total Wellness Philosopher, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & the founder of her lifestyle brand I’m On A Mission. Follow her on Twitter and be inspired.

  • Ebeth511

    Leaders are different? I dont think so. Lets try for equality in all of life. NO comparing.

    • EG

      Leaders are different.  We are all different.  She never said one type of person is better than the other.  Let’s concentrate on celebrating all of our unique and AWESOME gifts 🙂

  • lizbarrett46

    Love this Jenna!!! so true!!!!

  • Drew

    AWESOME article and SO TRUE! Our “be”ing is magnetic, and many of us forget that. Our thoughts create so much of our outer experiences. This SO needed to be said today. Thank you Jenna- YOURE AWESOME!
    With Love

  • NV

    “The changes that you wish to see begin to happen the SECOND you decide that you’re worthy and enough. ” That’s huge. Taking it in. Thank you!

  • Kimberly

    LOVE your energy Jenna!   I am truly inspired!


  • Andrea~

    Thank you Jenna!  Your EXCEPTIONAL too~  Have a Magical day!!


  • Cathybrewer

    AWESOME! ; ) Had to share with my daughters, love this!

  • Erika

    Thank you thank you thank you Jenna! Exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. And so true about the leader bit! 

  • Lara

    Thank you Jenna, perfect timing as usual. Your the best!

  • Wow, your words of wisdom and food for thought just came at the right time! Love this synchronicity! Great reminder for holding this space of pure awesomeness, self-love, appreciation and gratitude! Thank you!

  • Li

    I agree completely and spent most of my life living that way…. AWESOMENESS! I look back and see how many aspects of my life is magnificent the way it is…. because I put in a lot of effort to be the person I want to be. IT works… like magic =)

    ….. Except with relationship. I feel in my bones and I know deep in my skin… that I’m ready , worthy and meant  to be in a meaningful relationship, and raise a family together with a life long partner.
    yet I’ve not had successful relationships and not meant potential partners easily.

    This is one aspect of my life that doesn’t seem to make sense with this equation of Universe supporting what I proclaim of myself….I’ve paid my dues and spend a lot of time working on self love and confidence……..I feel ready to share and build a life with a partner …….its HARD to stay positive that the Universe is supporting my desire.. with all the lack of good men i’m experiencing in my life. 

    Its hard not to doubt, as i felt i’ve been waiting for over 7 years!

    • Karen

       I was totally you, Li!!! 
      I want to be able to explain to you how it happened that I am now with the amazingly awesome man that shares my life and yet there is really no clear plot line to share.  I was single for so long (and loving my life at the same time) and  I just kept putting out the energy of what I wanted, how it would feel and I just tried to let it go.  It was hard tho – many times I would want to yell with frustration (and probably did), Where IS he??????
      All I can say is please. please, please stay positive and hopeful.  When anyone asks, how is the dating going?  Respond with, it’s lots of fun, I’m meeting great people but my guy is still on the way!   Haven’t met him yet but he’s looking for me too!
      I get that you are ready, very ready.  But circumstances may be such that the man who is perfect for you may not be.  Trust the timing.  When I look back on all the years I was single and ready  to meet someone, I also look at the years that my guy was not ready.  I realized that he was not in a place to have the relationship that we now share.  So my patience and trust paid off because he is the man I am meant to be with.
      We met when the timing was perfect for both of us.  Had I met him sooner or forced someone else who was not perfect for me into my life, (settled), I may have missed out on so much.
      Keep focusing on the feeling of what it will be like when he is with you, keep thanking the Uni-verse for bringing him into your life and in the meantime, go be AWESOME!!!

  • Brent

    That….was Awesome. I have spent so many days in my life thinking I don’t fit in, not part of the “club” I have been a leader in certain areas but never let it really flow through me in every aspect of life. Thank you for reminding us that WE are Awesome…and not all in the same way.

  • michellesears

    Thanks Jenna for this great post. It’s very inspiring to
    know that no matter what, I am awesome. And if I want things in my life to BE
    different then I have to BE different first. That’s right. I’m sharing this because
    the more people who read this, the more awesome people we will have in this


  • VickyC

    Fantastic post that really resonated with me – thank you Jenna. I love the idea that we attract what we ARE not what we WANT – so true!