Body Image!

Hello miracle workers! It has been such an amazing few weeks. Once again, thank you for your support in spreading the May Cause Miracles message. I’m proud to share that the book will be on the NY Times Bestseller list again this week! This book has taken on a life of its own.

Today’s vlog is focused on Week Three from May Cause Miracles, which is all about body image. In this video I share how our bodies can be perceived as vehicles for spiritual growth and healing. This new perception guides us to respect our bodies in a whole new way. Watch this video to prepare for Week Three!




Missed the intro videos for Week One or Week Two? You can watch them here.

If you want further guidance on your May Cause Miracles journey I invite you to join me in NYC or on Livestream/phone for my 6-week course dedicated to each chapter of the book. The course begins this month and the details are here.

Gabrielle Bernstein is the bestselling author of Spirit Junkie, Add More ~ing to Your Life, and  May Cause Miracles.

  • Marymm2011

    What’s the difference between observing and judging? i.e. if your in the subway and “notice/observe/judge” that this person smells, dirty, is fat, etc.. is that juding? or is that observing?

  • tc

    Hi Gabby! I just have to comment & say that I bought your book & am totally inspired….I dis my very first kundalini yoga class today after hearing how it has helped you (and Mastin too). It was different, I’m giving it a few goes to see how I go. It’s quite unique.

    Inspired & transforming x x x