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Busting A Divorce Myth

KathleenChelquist12813Returning to my heart has been quite extraordinary, to say the least. The twists and turns are actually unbelievable. If someone had told me (even one year ago) about my future with my soon-to-be ex, Kirk, I would have never believed them. And that I would actually create peace, laughter, and even joy around the pain of going through a divorce while simultaneously experiencing grief like never before? Forget about it.

What I know now experientially is the huge difference between pain and suffering. It is not trite to say that pain is a part of life, suffering is voluntary.

Kirk and I are still living in the same house while laughing, hanging out on the couch, watching our favorite shows, and beading with our son before we make the transition to individual homes. We are family forever.

Last night, we briefly spoke about our uncommon path, choosing to no longer live out or glorify the endurance contest we call marriage while saying at the end of our life, “Well, we made it; at least no one will call us ‘quitters.'” So, what makes our divorce uncommon? I am sure it sounds very unusual to many people, considering divorce statistics are high.

Well, we our truly loving each other for the FIRST time and creating oneness.

There is a myth out there that you either need to get red balloons and celebrate the separation (overcorrection) or look like a drowned rat and be in a hole for a few months to even a year. Or longer. (After all, “We are ‘ONLY’ human; life’s a bitch and then you die.”)

Is there any middle ground? Balance?

Yes, there is. And people fear that which they do not understand.

Our programmed mind wants to make sense of everything, so we put restrictions on ourselves and others. Guidelines if you will. We box ourselves in and make black and white statements. We create comfort around our “right” vs “wrong” programming, and so we continue to live with narrow vision. We don’t realize that we have “tried” to make sense out of LOVE.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

-Helen Keller

Love is a magical ride that is impossible to explain because it is unique to the individual.

What works for one person, doesn’t another. It contradicts itself, often. It will ALWAYS make spiritual sense, but not always common. It is ONLY to be experienced by silencing our programmed minds and living in the present moment.

I have spent many waking hours addictively demanding that people understand me and my dedication to peace on earth. So exhausting.

Now (mostly), I just live what I have come to know, and allow my life to be an example of living out loud with my heart on my sleeve (and smarter by the minute).

With great responsibility, I take on the challenge of being true to the love in my heart no matter how it is perceived. (Click to tweet) I lived by societies dictates for most of my life, and it did not work for me.

I am grateful for my comrades as I continue my journey and even more so for my naysayers. For my angels in disguise are the ones who I make myself stronger in what I have come to know. They help me see that there is no unforgivable act and EVERYONE is innocent at their core. I am grateful for the example Jesus set, and I am devoted to following the example of the Christ Consciousness.

With all my heart,



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