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Can you find the COMFORT in the unknown?

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Anyone who has ever been successful has taken risks. And I’d venture to say that anyone who has stuck with it long enough and succeeded is now MORE comfortable taking risks than they are staying in their comfort zone!

Wait, what?

That’s right – successful people are COMFORTABLE outside their comfort zone. Isn’t that a crazy oxymoron?

I’ll say it again – successful people are COMFORTABLE outside their comfort zone!

Why is this? Because after you’ve gotten a few wins under your belt, chances are you’ve probably also had a TON of failure. But, you also see that as you take risks, as you step out, as you try and try and try – eventually things work out.

If we’ve never taken a risk, or only done so halfheartedly, then there is NO WAY we could ever have this experience. And so, they don’t know what’s REALLY possible. And most likely – they are taking advice from people who haven’t given it their all either and so you have mediocrity validating mediocrity!

If you want to rise, start taking advice from people who have what you want. If you are taking advice from people who have never been there, it’s kind of like asking for direction to somewhere in Europe asking someone who’s only lived in Hawaii. ASK PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN THERE!

And what you will find is that INVISIBLE HANDS guide you. And The Uni-verse is MUCH kinder than you are to yourself. And things work out. We tend to always imagine the worst-case scenario and MOST of the time the worst-case scenario NEVER happens. The only thing that REALLY happens is that we create a new result. And we can LEARN from that result. If we label the result FAILURE, we’ll stop. If we label the result A LESSON, we can learn from it and keep going.

And if we stick with things LONG ENOUGH, they WILL work out. And over time, we begin to become MORE secure in UNCERTAINTY than we are in CERTAINTY. This is the paradox of life. When we can find certainty IN the uncertainty, we know that we have arrived.

So – in YOUR life, where are you uncertain? What risks do you REALLY want to take? Whose advice are you following? Are you talking to people who have BEEN where you want to go, or are you asking a native Hawaiian how to get to the Eiffel Tower? The conversation is always going in the comment section below, so leave a comment and let’s discuss!



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