Can you find the COMFORT in the unknown?

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Anyone who has ever been successful has taken risks. And I’d venture to say that anyone who has stuck with it long enough and succeeded is now MORE comfortable taking risks than they are staying in their comfort zone!

Wait, what?

That’s right – successful people are COMFORTABLE outside their comfort zone. Isn’t that a crazy oxymoron?

I’ll say it again – successful people are COMFORTABLE outside their comfort zone!

Why is this? Because after you’ve gotten a few wins under your belt, chances are you’ve probably also had a TON of failure. But, you also see that as you take risks, as you step out, as you try and try and try – eventually things work out.

If we’ve never taken a risk, or only done so halfheartedly, then there is NO WAY we could ever have this experience. And so, they don’t know what’s REALLY possible. And most likely – they are taking advice from people who haven’t given it their all either and so you have mediocrity validating mediocrity!

If you want to rise, start taking advice from people who have what you want. If you are taking advice from people who have never been there, it’s kind of like asking for direction to somewhere in Europe asking someone who’s only lived in Hawaii. ASK PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN THERE!

And what you will find is that INVISIBLE HANDS guide you. And The Uni-verse is MUCH kinder than you are to yourself. And things work out. We tend to always imagine the worst-case scenario and MOST of the time the worst-case scenario NEVER happens. The only thing that REALLY happens is that we create a new result. And we can LEARN from that result. If we label the result FAILURE, we’ll stop. If we label the result A LESSON, we can learn from it and keep going.

And if we stick with things LONG ENOUGH, they WILL work out. And over time, we begin to become MORE secure in UNCERTAINTY than we are in CERTAINTY. This is the paradox of life. When we can find certainty IN the uncertainty, we know that we have arrived.

So – in YOUR life, where are you uncertain? What risks do you REALLY want to take? Whose advice are you following? Are you talking to people who have BEEN where you want to go, or are you asking a native Hawaiian how to get to the Eiffel Tower? The conversation is always going in the comment section below, so leave a comment and let’s discuss!



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  • SparksToFire_Jeff

    Feeling comfortable with challenge may not be my norm right now, but it shows me that I am in charge of all the boundaries I set for myself. Thank you for helping me make this the theme for my day Mastin.  

  • Jennifer Sophia

    I can certainly find comfort in the uncertainty. I’m Jennifer, 21 years old. I’ve been a self taught makeup artist for 8 years now. I live in Toronto and I finally decided to go to school for it now. I am moving to Vancouver on the 22nd to go to Canadas #1 makeup school! I’m moving by myself and am excited because I get to learn new things, meet people in the industry that are higher up like Eve Pearl & Howard Berger who did make up for movies like “Narnia and Kill Bill”. I know that I am going to grow more!

  • RadDoc

    Wherever I find myself most “uncomfortable,” I know that is where i need to be to complete things, grow, and expand.  Thanks for the reminder!  It’s so easy for me to forget.

  • Patti

    This post really should get more exposure – I think EVERYONE needs to learn and grow in this area.
    The key is in the Hawaii/Paris analogy.
    AND the follow through – my issue is that though I’ve tried and gone out of my comfort zone – I don’t stay in it long enough to yield success.
    I like the ide a renaming “failure” to lesson – good one!

    • Marina

       Great point Patti, about staying in the uncomfortable zone long enough to see a change. That’s the hard part, allowing the discomfort to remain and living with it, and managing ourselves. 🙂 Thanks

  • Jamilia

    Thank you Mastin! Your posts have been a tool used by the Uni-Verse to transform my life daily! I’ve put my friends onto TDL and they are also growing and sharing! Much love from a Daily Lover  in Trinidad and Tobago! Light and Love!   – Jamilia

  • Kathryn

    This post could not have come at a better time. I just bought a condo in New Orleans and I am freaking out. Getting advice from people who have never been through this experience. I’m following my gut and letting the Universe guide me. What resonated with me today… “Invisible hands will guide you. And the UNI-verse is much kinder than you are to yourself.” Thank you, Mastin. 

  • At 81 I look back and am so glad I frequently didn’t stick to popular expectations of the time. Being true to one’s self may have a price, but is more than worth it. Expectations change, and knowing one’s self is the best source of strength.This year I will soon have a book coming out:   ” Plato and Potato Chips.” I’ve written this, my first book, at 81.  Breaking out of the mold was crucial to discovering the person I am today. Not always easy, but so important! The Daily Love offers valuable encouraging words that offer strength when the going gets rough. Thanks, Mastin!

  • E

    I wish there was a class in school that taught this!! How amazing would that be if this was part of the curriculum? Thanks for this blog and all that you do Mastin!

  • Mikamikamoto

    Unfortunately, many of the “well read” writers do not want to give of their time or advice. I have written a YA / middle grade book, and have had no luck contacting either authors or agents!  It’s as if they have to hold all their secrets within!

  • Michele

    Hey Mastin!

    Thanks for this post.

    None of us were created for mediocrity, we just settle for it or we don’t!

    The idea of becoming more and more confident as I release myself in risk instead of staying stuck is so key to my own forward motion. 

    My past experiences really ring true with the idea that Invisible hands guiding me in every area of my life, if I let them with trusting risks. Somewhere along the line of the past 2-3 years, I shut down to risk and uncertainty and my currect quality of life show the fruit of that habitual choice.

    Your course has kick started me back on the path where I has been in 2006 with a trip to Paris!  So your analogy of who to ask for directions in this blog resonated with many valued memories.

    Thank you, thank you, thanks you, dear Mastin and en-theos*Academy for the Love Uni-versity: Discover The Wisdom of Your Fear – Immersion Week that I just finished (and yet now begun to apply this week) with you and all the other participants!  I am at a key inflection point of my life and the timing of your offering of this course was simply perfect!

    Thanks again for this post and have a good day everyone! : )

  • Love, love, love this post, Mastin. I have always sought the advice of people that are successful and have been skeptical of advice from people that are not successful, but I’ve noticed that it’s the opposite with some people. I’ve even tried to give people advice on things I’ve learned and had them shoot me down and discount my knowledge. It can be confusing until I realize that people believe what is comfortable for them. I have been tossed out of my comfort zone so much lately that I would rather go willingly. It’s much easier. Another great post. Thanks. 

  • Lovehp3

    My experiences with risking have shown me that being uncomfortable works.  No outwards signs of “certainty”…. which lead me to connect at the superconscious level…  then whatever I’m doing or facing or walking to becomes an adventure.  I am finding that letting go of certainty is good for me; its when I feel the most alive.  Currently I am uncertain about a relationship – where is it going, will it go away….  all the uncertainty are signals that something within me needs addressing and healing…..  What I feel when I’m with this man is ridiculous…. and the kicker is we’re friends…. he supports what I do.  I’m not sure how to behave… sounds silly to say so, yet I’m uncertain…. and God keeps reminding me there’s no guarantees, even with a label or a ring…. stay in the flow and trust….  it’s a bit scary, and so exciting.  My heart is open like a fully bloomed rose…   #UncertaintyIsMyFriend  <3  

  • Janet Testaz

    Mastin this post
    has come to me at the perfect time. I was on the verge of giving up. I am starting up my own little business ( at night after my full time job) and have come
    so close to 

    succeeding quite a few times and after last week I felt
    like quitting. I was telling myself I can’t do it or … I am not ‘ that kind
    of person ‘ other people must be better than I am.. blah blah blah . Perhaps it’s
    more that I am not yet comfortable with being uncomfortable and I still  want to jump
    back into bed and hide under the doona.

    I know so many
    thinks that have happened to me so far in my life to get me to this point have
    happened because I HAVE gone outside my comfort zone… but that still didn’t
    stop me from wanting to run away. I have also had so many guided hands to get
    me to this point , Including your lovely blog which will push me that little
    bit further.


  • I am taking a BIG RISK and have been for quite some time now.  When I asked Cinnamon Lofton, my spiritual mentor, to be my teacher-I knew the sadhana’s ( spiritual discipline) I would receiving would be very challenging to my EGO and even more challenging to my husband, my parents, and even some friends. I also know that Cinnamon is the most peaceful, loving person I HAVE EVER MET.  I know she is the REAL DEAL and chooses love moment to moment.  I am uncertain that I will be willing to do what it takes to be that disciplined. Because I have been given the gift in knowing her, I know it is possible. I want to serve others’ with the same love I have received. Many of my friends are too fearful to call her for help who don’t live in the area. They tell me they are learning from me and want me to help them.  “Can I really be that BIG?”  Is the question I ask myself frequently. “Love endures all things and is forever” and most people who were afraid of my changes are now more drawn to me than ever before-including my stubborn, Irish 87 year old father.  Cinnamon has “WHAT I WANT.”  I trust that the Universe will give me what I need.  Gratitude for you Mastin once again on my “Daily Comment.” 

  • Cece

    I’m about to step into the unknown and I feel great about it! Leaving my job, going back to study and follow through on creative pursuits that have been on the back-burner for too too long. I’m excited about being an ACTIVE participant in co-creating my life  and connecting with like-minded people. There will be ups and downs but I’m looking forward to even that!! It’s the journey – not the destination!

  • Embrace the uncertainty and allow life to flow through you!

  • Meaghan

    Thank you so much. I really needed to hear this again today. At the moment I am in the middle of a 5 year degree in another country and have just found out some difficult financial news back home which threatens me finishing my degree, or at least that was my knee jerk reaction… After a couple of minutes stressing I decided to go through some figures and see what the changes really meant and its not as bad as I first thougt. As you say, it’s very rarely the worst case scenario and the thing is I have options and need to learn to ask for help!
    Thanks again Mastin.

  • Gpthe3

    Great post. Although I haven’t read it yet, Brene Brown’s book, daring greatly, coincides right along with, in terms if bring vulnerable and open to life. Great stuff!