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Celebrate Light: Happy Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas & Yule!

Happy Holidays! This time of year is a potent reminder to celebrate LIGHT (translated as, jyoti, in Sanskrit). The roots of all holidays in this season extend back to the Winter Solstice and the original celebration of the return of light.

I offer you a simple task this week: to recognize, revere and celebrate light.

In everyone you meet this week (including yourself), every circumstance and encounter….train your inner muscle of positivity, unconditional love and Christ consciousness. Look for the light in yourself and another. See the goodness. Appreciate each person’s beauty and gifts (including yours). Make this week a “festival of lights”. Practice gratitude.

What we focus on expands. Pull into focus and magnify the light in others. Train yourself to recognize and seed the gifts and light that are present all around.

As you travel this holiday season, visit with potentially challenging family members, hurry through airports and bustle around….may you anchor yourself in the light within and receive the light all around.

Here are some simple ways to CELEBRATE LIGHT:

1. SMILE. When you smile, your whole face literally lights up. Your inner radiance shines through. Your eyes begin to twinkle and spark. You will immediately lift up those around you. Gift everyone you meet with a smile. Your world will immediately change.

2. SILENTLY BLESS EVERYONE YOU MEET (including yourself). Whether it’s your child or partner in the morning, your co-workers, taxi driver, the person sitting next to you on the plane….when you look upon another this week, silently wish them well. Send good tidings with your thoughts, words and deeds.

3. SINCERELY OFFER A COMPLIMENT OR “THANK YOU.” Look for the good in others. Look people in their eyes, smile and sincerely thank them for their simple offering, such as gift wrapping, teaching you a yoga class, hosting a party, etc. Pick one thing that was especially meaningful and compliment them. Bring the light.

Practice makes perfect. Happy Holidays and here’s to training the mental muscle of celebrating light!

Thank you all so much for tuning in and sharing your beauty and light. I am so grateful!

Blessings to you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Love + Light!


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Ashley is a top L.A. yoga teacher and body-mind psychotherapist. Visit her facebook page here.