Chill… A Delay Is Not A Denial, OK? :o)

Boy, it’s been a FULL week! I just got off of 12 hours of mentoring and I can’t believe the lessons that have come through today! I wish I could describe them all.

I think the lesson that came through the most today was with a client who I’ve been working with for a month or so and their biggest AHA has been that they are not separate from their goals and desires.

There’s a BRILLIANT Jack Canfield quote that says, “Everything you want also wants you.” And I can remember the first time I heard that quote it was a paradigm changer for me. It was like DUH and at the same time, it was profound.

In this Uni-verse we are all connected. Marianne Williamson says that there is a Uni-versal Intelligence that runs and computes our desires for the greatest good. And so when we tap into that and remember that everything that we want also wants us and that we are not separate from our desires and that The Uni-verse is coordinating on our behalf all our desires, we can let go of the fear of lack and separation.

Stress, anxiety and worry stem from the belief that we are separate from the Thing that will bring us happiness. And the only Thing that can bring us happiness is the Love of The Uni-verse and the Love originates within us. So when we tap into that Love within us, we tap into that Love that Permeates and creates the cosmos.

We ARE that powerful. The problem is that most of us are not patient enough to let The Uni-verse do it’s magic. With things like Twitter and Facebook, we’ve come to expect immediate results from The Uni-verse. Just because Twitter is faster than an earthquake doesn’t mean a tree grows any faster.

We must be humble and patient and remember to step into the flow of The Uni-verse, which does not operate when and how you want it to. If we are to truly become one with The Uni-verse and all the GLORY and RADNESS that It has in store for us, we must learn to adopt It’s pace and flow with It instead of trying to make It bend to our will.

This is one of the many ways that ego drives us away from our dreams. And we, if we are to become master co-creators of our lives, must see our impatience as a lack of wisdom and begin to surrender the outcome of all our affairs to the perfect timing of The Uni-verse. This includes your job, love life, money, friends, everything. The Uni-verse knows your heart’s desires; It gave them to you in the first place, so why oh why do you doubt that they will be left unfulfilled? That doubt creates the environment and the conditions for your dreams to NOT come true.

Doubt your doubt and you’ll be free! And remember, a DELAY is NOT a DENIAL!

So, how can you adopt the pace and flow of The Uni-verse today? Comment or email me and let us know: [email protected]com



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  • a.

    This is so good! I’ve recently learned to just let go! Let go of outcome, blame, guilt … let it all go. All that is meant to inhabit my life will. Nothing special for me to do or be. No dimming my light to make others comfortable. No dulling my expression to make others comfortable. I realized that I have so many more people in my life who took the time to know the real me while I was sad about this one or that one. I am me in all of my glory, silly and ridiculous & guess what? The people in my life appreciate that about me, they know my heart and they know for certain how much I appreciate them. The miracle is that I found myself. I discovered why I was seeking this dysfunction/disrespect in my life. Lesson Learned. I can sit back and watch others sacrifice themselves for someone else’s crumbs. I don’t feel excluded. I feel blessed. I am not on this earth to be convenient for someone else, an option, be bullied nor an emotional punching bag. I see that so clearly now. I have compassion because I know that “hurt people hurt people.” I’m not hurting.  TDL allows me to reflect and grow. I appreciate you so much. I appreciate your words, no nonsense approach and the love you send along with it. Thank you again! 

  • Red

    I am reading this from my perspective and I am congruent with the ideas. Then I think about my friend and I do not agree.  I feel that the universe has been unfair to her.  I am hopeful that that God has something in store for her.