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Choosing Enlightenment-An Example Of Surrender

KathleenChelquist12813We are programmed to believe that we are “only human.” We thumb our nose at the moment-to-moment choice of enlightenment because we “think” it is a state of being. So, what is enlightenment? What does it look like? Some monk on a mountain meditating all day long? Some zoned out state of kumbaya? It could look like that, but I have come to know that enlightenment is a choice, choosing love in the present moment, surrendering to the “what is” with no attachment to the outcome.

“There is no ‘almost nearly’ in surrender. It either is or it ain’t!”

-Cinnamon Lofton

For years, I had heard about choosing Love over Fear, but WHO REALLY DOES THAT? Especially when life’s challenges show up? Isn’t it “normal” to be worried and stressed out to the max, right? Right. And who does that before an eye cancer diagnosis?

Well my loved ones, you will see in the video below that I did.

I posted this “Walk and Talk Peace Train” Vlog for Facebook friends just thirty minutes before my eye appointment in San Francisco where I have regularly visited my reliable ophthalmologist for over twenty years, Dr. Devron Char (America’s top 100 Oncology specialist). And although there are times that I still choose fear with x, y, and z, I am surrendering to the twists and turns of earth school more swiftly without buying into its illusion. Every challenge is a mere opportunity for us to claim our light and powerful selves, trusting that everything is here for us-not against. When we remember Love’s truth, everything else is a mere detail (I know, hard to digest, and it is true). The light of love proves to be stronger than fear time and time again (Tweet-worthy!); when we trust its strength, the more we could choose to live it. This I know for sure.

Just minutes after my appointment and four hours after this Vlog, I wrote on my Facebook wall:

 “You Can’t Handle The Truth”

-Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”

 That quote reverberated through my body today as I asked a question I was finally willing to hear. After finding out that my eye tumor was stable (yippee) and blood drawn to check for metastasis (where I received a compliment on my “sweater”…giggle), I asked the doctor’s lead assistant a question I have always instinctively known for twenty years but never wanted to know…

     “Is my case rarer than most?” 

      She hesitated, “Well, Kathleen…uh…you are a trailblazer, that’s for sure.” She did not want to answer me. I looked at her with a reassuring nod, helping whom I now like to call a friend, trust that I can manage the truth; after all, it sets us free. 

     She said, “You are an anomaly. The rarest case we have ever seen.” 

I smiled; my life now makes more sense than ever.

After reading this Facebook post, a “friend” asked me what the assistant meant by “anomaly,” and this was my reply…

You SEE, no eye cancer case has been this aggressive. It is extremely rare to get melanoma in the eye, once. To be diagnosed three more times, is unheard-of. So grateful; for God was bringing me home to see with eyes of love…

With all my heart,



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