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As TDL has been expanding, I’ve REALLY needed to watch my time. At the same time that TDL is growing more and more, I’ve also wanted to spend more time with Jenna and grow my relationship with her.

There are A LOT of entrepreneurs who will tell you that you can’t have a new business AND a relationship. I’m looking forward to busting that myth. I know that Richard Branson could do it; so if he can do it, so can I.

One of the things I’ve started to become SUPER careful about is my schedule. I now protect it like a hawk. It’s not easy to get in there and once you are – it’s VERY hard to reschedule.

My days are scheduled every day for the next four months. And I have general dates blocked off and allocated for the next year. I think it’s BS when people say they don’t have the time. I think the REAL truth is that they don’t CREATE the time.

If you look at any given day in my calendar it starts with morning meditation, followed by breakfast, then weights at the gym or yoga, then home for calls, writing, then clients, then cardio, then more writing time and then bed. On the weekends I have “Boo time,” which are dates with Jenna, and I also have scheduled “thinking” time. Time for me to just THINK.

If you don’t keep a schedule, then you will let the whims of life take you wherever they want you to go. My more hippie friends call this “just going with the flow.”  I’m all for going with the flow. The way that I manifest is a kind of divine structured chaos. But, more often than not, excuses like “it wasn’t meant to be” get thrown around when the truth is “it wasn’t a priority for me.” It’s easy to let yourself seemingly be at the while of life, but if we are to MAXIMIZE our time here, we MUST know that we CAN have it all, if it’s SCHEDULED.

Having a schedule allows us to be empowered to say NO to unimportant requests, get most people to email us their needs (instead of setting up time-wasting meetings) and quite frankly helping us say NO to anything that isn’t moving us closer to our DREAMS and our CALLING. Not being responsible with your schedule and ALWAYS and ONLY “going with the flow” is a surefire dream killer, and what’s best is that if you only go with the flow, then if things don’t work out – then it’s not even your fault, it’s “the flow’s” fault or “The Uni-verse’s” fault, but never your own.

When you take your power back by taking your schedule back, you claim ownership over your dreams.

So, where in your life are you “just going with the flow”? Do you feel like there’s never enough time? Are you always starting projects and never finishing them? What new structure are you going to put in place to claim ownership over your dreams?  As always, the action happens in the comments below; leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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  • Lover of Scheduling :-)

    So true about scheduling! My husband, a computer dude, turned me on to the Google Calendar online schedule – not to be shamelessly plugging, but it has been a wonderful tool. I have made categories for everything in my life: massage work, yoga teaching, personal time, to-do/errands, cleaning the house, time with my sweetie, yoga classes for me to take, etc. 

    And each category is COLOR CODED, which is awesome. I can see at a glance, by the colors, how many work hours I have put in (which is challenging for an entrepreneur, because I could be working all the time doing some aspect of my work), and I can see easily which hours are open to be filled with an appointment, or a social engagement – and which hours are closed – already booked with something I want or need to do. 

    It has worked really well, and without my schedule I would not have the free time and space I need for self-care and just chillin’ out — because I schedule that too! 

    I have even begun scheduling one “free day” per week – and I can say “Oh, I am not available that day” (I don’t need to add that I will be wandering around the museum with a friend, or trading massages with another friend, or strolling around in the park or chilling with my cats). Peace 🙂 

    • This is perfect. Simple. Effective. Going to give this one a whirl for 30 days.

      Thanks for sharing!

    •  i LOVE this!!! awesome awesome awesome!

  • Mastin, you seem to be reading my mind lately with all your posts!! And today’s is no acception. I have been thinking about this idea of scheduling A LOT. Part of me wants to feel a little more free in my life and have always thought ‘discipline’ was a dirty word. BUT at the same time I am not really getting the results I want in my life. So I am going to give this scheduling idea a try but be sure to schedule in free time. Writer James Altucher has a ‘daily practice’ which I have been toying with following. Thanks for reading my mind and being the impetus to really get going! 

    • you are so welcome Adrienne – your comment made my heart sing!

  • LOVE this, Mastin! As always, impeccable timing.

    The contrast you shared about “it wasn’t meant to be” and “it wasn’t a priority to me” was SO exactly what I needed to receive right now. 

    I seem to have the self-care portion of my days down in terms of workouts, getting outdoors in nature, connecting with engaging friends, colleagues and clients. However, being a brand spankin’ new entrepreneur who now needs to manage her own time I’m really beginning to experience how *not* following your advice will eventually not only drive me bonkers but also stunt my creative growth and the impact my heart wants to create in this world.

    It’s time to practice *scheduling* my priorities effectively and being courageous enough to say NO.

    Thank you, brother!

    ps: PSYCHED to begin my mentoring program with Chris Assaad soon! He. Is. AWESOME!

    •  Awesome Sylvia – Chris is amazing! :o) What’s your new schedule?

      • First day of scheduling on prioritizing and setting boundaries. I’m ROCKIN’ it! LOVE. Been up since 5am and owning my day. Feels fabulous!

        Took my priorities down to 1 Most Important Task. And, done.  :)))

        Scheduled everything else around that. Breaks, meals, self-care, connecting, planning my next day — EVERYTHING. It’s only 3pm and I feel like I accomplished SO much more than I have in 2 months. 

        It’s really not about *what* I actually got done that I feel so good. It’s that I finally truly felt what it was like to be connected to *WHY* I was doing what I was doing in the first place. 

        It feels pretty darn awesome to experience driving the ride rather than just being a passenger on it. 

        One article. Huge mind shift. Life altering. Who would have thunk?

  • Michele Santo

    The old me saw schedules as monotonous, boring, blah. I feared creativity would drown. The new me sees the value in carving time pockets and following through.

    It allows me MORE time to workout, write, and see friends. LOVE when you said a skeg gives us freedom to sat NO to inimportant requests and YES to email correspondence. Schedules are pretty empowering. Woo-ha!

  • Michele

    Good morning Mastin and all TDL-ers!

    This post is totally calling me on the carpet!  The self-responsibility level in my life is needing an upgrade!!  On recent days when I have chosen to schedule out every waking moment, I find things click, I make progress and great growth and opportunity become more the norm rather than the exception.  The resistance in me to be consistent in this task is very thick and fierce!  But I seriously believe it is the link for making my dreams more than just talk.

    Right now I am putting order back in the mix here by SCHEDULING my week and beyond!

     : )

  • Paulina

    thanks for this Mastin! =). I’ve been feeling like I dont have the time to do everything I need to do, but really it just comes down to my not setting aside specific time to get these things done. One of my favorite photographers, Sue Bryce, says it like this: “Until you value our time, you will not do anything with it.”

    •  exactly Paulina! so what’s your new schedule?

  • About 6 months ago, I went on a trip with my best friend, Tanja, to Sedona. It was Life Changing. Everyday we connected with the Divine and PROOF of our faith was made visible. The Universe knew I needed more than a gentle push to schedule myself to write. To say, “why not me?” For fun, we got a picture taken of our Aura. I then looked at my bestie and said, “I am going to do one of these 15 min angel readings.”  Why not?”  I would know if it was a hoax AND it was only $25. Tanja slightly rolled her eyes, and waited. In 15 mins this sweet elderly lady had me turn around and began touching me from the tip of my head down to my spine and told me things one would never know. Right before the reading ended, she said, “You are a writer. You are going to write a series of books. The angels have been waiting for you to channel them. YOU NEED TO DISCIPLINE YOURSELF and CREATE A SCHEDULE.”  After the reading was done, I asked with quivering lips… “Will it get published?” She laughed. “The way you manifest…it is not only going to get published, you will be well known. Can I have your autograph?” My eyes opened and humbly, I knew she was right. I felt like I was crazy. I still knew. Just like I knew I was going to marry my husband on our first date. I thought,” So, this is the guy I am marrying?” (He wasn’t exactly my type) Since then, I write everyday…

    • awesome Kathleen! writing daily is s huge! and thank you for being such a big part of the TDL community!

  • Alison

    this is really really true. i find that i use the excuse of going with the flow a lot. and it dawned on me when i was watching e true holywood story of giuliana rancic. yes, that was where my flow took me the other day. in fairness, i am extremely pregnant, my due date past 11 days ago…but still. as i watched her story unfold, i saw how dedicated she was to pursuing her dreams. she literally just made decisions and then took action in the direction of her dreams. i see that in your article here. my dream is to be a successful screenwriter and run a profitable blog that helps people. i have written one full length screenplay and i did finally copywright it about 2 weeks ago. but now the action has stopped. this is really common for me. i make these decisions about why there is no point in taking action. my two biggest excuses: running my blog while i still have another job. (oh my god i can’t believe i am still bitching about this) and living in philly isn’t ideal bc screenwriters live in southern california. so…i am realizing slowly but surely just how full of crap i am. i need to structure my time. and i need to have definable goals about my screenplay and other ideas for screenplays. for my blog,…i need to make it a priority. it is my dream to be an example that you can pursue your dreams, make money and be happy. what i am doing now is not pursuing my dreams (fully), making some money, and beating myself up for not pursuing my dreams (i.e. that does not a happy person make). thanks for this post…it really made sense to me. 

    i wish you all the best.


    •  awesome awareness Alison! congrats on finishing a screenplay i know how hard that can be! and can’t wait for your new bebe-skies to be born! check out “The War of ARt” by Steven Pressfield and “Turning Pro” by him – game changers for writers like us!

  • B_EcoChic

    I’m excited to hear how you balance things when you have a child. 😉
    In my experience, kids can really resist any and all attempts at scheduling lol.

  • Can you share your tips for scheduling? I am completely useless at it and can use any help I can get. Thanks Mastin! Lots of love!

  • Stephanie

     This is a lot for me to swallow. I love spontaneity, especially on my weekends. I’d love to give this a try – but the thought of scheduling and STICKING TO it is frightening. Any tips for someone who is just starting out with scheduling?

    • Lover of Scheduling :-)

      I am responsible, AND I love freedom and want spontaneity in my life.
       So given that I need to satisfy both these parts of myself, the best way I have found to respect my both my need for spontaneity and my need for order has been to actually schedule spontaneity time.I schedule some days or hours or any various amounts of time to be left open, but labelled, so I know to save that time and not fill it with anything but fun stuff that arises, just for playtime. Because playtime is important! In my calendar, I have labelled Mondays  “FREE DAY”. I then write in things I want to do on that day, like meet a friend, or whatever, but I label all those things “personal” and “choices” and that makes me remember that I chose those things for my personal fun and not just for work (although work is also fun, but of a different quality, if ya know what I mean). Also, within all that I choose to schedule, I have room to be spontaneous all the time. As long as I remember to breathe, and do my best to stay in the moment, I discover I will naturally be spontaneous. I humbly hope that was helpful. <3