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Claim ownership over your dreams!

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As TDL has been expanding, I’ve REALLY needed to watch my time. At the same time that TDL is growing more and more, I’ve also wanted to spend more time with Jenna and grow my relationship with her.

There are A LOT of entrepreneurs who will tell you that you can’t have a new business AND a relationship. I’m looking forward to busting that myth. I know that Richard Branson could do it; so if he can do it, so can I.

One of the things I’ve started to become SUPER careful about is my schedule. I now protect it like a hawk. It’s not easy to get in there and once you are – it’s VERY hard to reschedule.

My days are scheduled every day for the next four months. And I have general dates blocked off and allocated for the next year. I think it’s BS when people say they don’t have the time. I think the REAL truth is that they don’t CREATE the time.

If you look at any given day in my calendar it starts with morning meditation, followed by breakfast, then weights at the gym or yoga, then home for calls, writing, then clients, then cardio, then more writing time and then bed. On the weekends I have “Boo time,” which are dates with Jenna, and I also have scheduled “thinking” time. Time for me to just THINK.

If you don’t keep a schedule, then you will let the whims of life take you wherever they want you to go. My more hippie friends call this “just going with the flow.”  I’m all for going with the flow. The way that I manifest is a kind of divine structured chaos. But, more often than not, excuses like “it wasn’t meant to be” get thrown around when the truth is “it wasn’t a priority for me.” It’s easy to let yourself seemingly be at the while of life, but if we are to MAXIMIZE our time here, we MUST know that we CAN have it all, if it’s SCHEDULED.

Having a schedule allows us to be empowered to say NO to unimportant requests, get most people to email us their needs (instead of setting up time-wasting meetings) and quite frankly helping us say NO to anything that isn’t moving us closer to our DREAMS and our CALLING. Not being responsible with your schedule and ALWAYS and ONLY “going with the flow” is a surefire dream killer, and what’s best is that if you only go with the flow, then if things don’t work out – then it’s not even your fault, it’s “the flow’s” fault or “The Uni-verse’s” fault, but never your own.

When you take your power back by taking your schedule back, you claim ownership over your dreams.

So, where in your life are you “just going with the flow”? Do you feel like there’s never enough time? Are you always starting projects and never finishing them? What new structure are you going to put in place to claim ownership over your dreams?  As always, the action happens in the comments below; leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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