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Clarity is Power!

Jordana Jaffe portrait 052112You know when you want something to happen in your business, but it’s just not happening? Well I believe that when that happens, it’s happening for one of two reasons. Either (a) you don’t want it badly enough or (b) there’s a part of you that is scared and, as a result, you somehow sabotage the situation so that what you want never actually appears.

This is where CLARITY comes in. Clarity is all about being clear and confident when it comes to what you want and what you’re looking to achieve. As entrepreneurs, there are SO many projects that we want to work on (or are already working on!) and we don’t necessarily know which to focus on first, and next thing we know, we have lots of unfinished projects and we feel overwhelmed and defeated. Sound familiar?

Now before we go further, let me say that there is nothing wrong with you. The reason this happens is because as entrepreneurs, we have LOTS of ideas and we’re so excited about all of them that we want to implement them all immediately. I get it. Until recently, I was experiencing the exact same thing. I had lots of ideas, lots of unfinished projects, and I felt extremely overwhelmed and confused as to what I was really working to achieve.

But then I did something SO simple, and yet so incredibly effective. I took ten 3×5 index cards and divided them into two piles. For the first pile, I wrote on the top of each card: My Intention. Then I would state what I want (in specifics) and the date when I want it by. The reason this exercise is so effective is because it forces you to get really clear and focused on what it is you’re working towards.

There’s one step that we need to take after this that I think many of us forget about. It’s really important to get clear on your intentions, but then you need to put them in a place that you will always see them – as in unavoidably, right there, smack in front of you. So once I wrote down my five intentions, I placed them in a line across my coffee table and literally taped them to it. (I’m not suggesting that you necessarily use your coffee table – whether it be your desk, your dining room table or by your bed, it really doesn’t matter.) What IS important is that you put these cards where it is that you do your work.

It’s so easy to get distracted or interrupted even if you’re working at your computer with the TV off and phone on silent. There’s Facebook, Twitter, gchat, incoming emails (that seem to be neverending)…the list goes on and on. Which is EXACTLY why you need to place these cards where you work. So that even when you’re in front of your computer, you stay extremely clear and focused on what it is you’re looking to achieve.

Now that we’ve set the intention and put it front and center, there’s one more thing that we need to do. Okay, so back to those other five index cards. When you tape the first five cards to your desk or table, leave room below each one for the remaining five cards. On each of these cards, you are going to write 5-10 steps you need to take to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. The way it should eventually look is the top row is your five intentions and under each one are the action steps for you to take to achieve it.

Clarity is power. When you have clarity, you can make decisions more easily, take action more quickly, and manage your time more effectively. You will make more money, get more done in less time, and really begin to live your life on your own terms. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?

Now it’s your turn. Get ten index cards and tape and complete this exercise by the end of the day. It shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes, and it will make a HUGE difference in your business, life, and levels of productivity.


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