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Clearing Out The Blocks To Self-Love!

To start this year off on a grounded foot, I have made a commitment to focus on self loving and nurturing. Today is the 4th day of a 2-week detox for me.

I am determined to clear out the blocks that are in the way of me being in love with myself and I figured a gentle detox is a great way to support this upcoming journey.

If this commitment of self love and nurturing is interesting to you, I am sure we will get to know each other quite well over the next year!

For 2 weeks I am committed to a diet of fresh produce, soaked raw seeds, lots of water — and some supportive herbs, fiber and superfoods.

How we feed our bodies impacts the state of our minds tremendously. I wish it were easy for me to remember that. When I eat healthy and easy-to-digest foods, my body is more relaxed and my energy level is much more stable and high. I notice as I eat this way my mind is a thousand percent more calm, as are my emotions. There is a deep part of me that simply feels like I am being fully nurtured and taken care of.

As most of you know, I am a medical intuitive and intuitive nutritional consultant. I have worked with thousands of people all over the world, teaching them how to nurture their bodies and minds to experience greater levels of heath and well-being. The healing I have witnessed from this work has blown my mind more than once. Our bodies are so profoundly powerful. Our body is innately programmed to be able to be in alignment and harmony with itself. Our body is even capable of healing itself, if given the proper support.

I can hear so many of you saying you know this, but I want to know honestly how many of you are able to be consistent with your dietary support? So many people I work with have a tendency of doing a good job on a program and then falling off of it hard core — to rumble around on the ground, calling me back, feeling like they need to get back on the wagon and often like they have failed or are not good enough.

The trick I have learned for myself when it comes to self care and the way that I eat is by asking myself, when I think about my upcoming meal, “what food choice will give me more energy?”  By doing this, I seem to make healthier choices overall. I notice my body is very clear in responding to the choices that I give to it.

We all know we need to eat more fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and oils. The idea is that we eat more simple foods that are less processed. I totally get that everyone is super busy and so many people don’t have the time it takes to cook food. I know it is easier said than done — but people! We have to start somewhere!

I ask that instead of just reading yet another blog, why not join me in the discovery of self love and nurturing on a week to week basis as we connect here on TDL? Perhaps print this out, put in on your counter or fridge and commit to it — just for this week and see if you like it. If you need more support, remember — we have Twitter and Facebook to keep the support flowing.

Change is never really easy. Most of us already have our habits set. We have to remember though — our habits create our experience — and if we want to physically feel more vital, light and energetic — most likely we need to switch our habits up a bit.

We can try to change a thousand things at once or we can stop and change one thing at a time. Consistent changes make long term habits. YES? Let’s do it!

This week I invite you to join me beginning your morning by fueling yourself with a drink that is full of minerals and positive nutritional support. Often people grab a cup of coffee and a piece of toast to start their day. It may taste good and all — but where is the fuel in this? In fact, the caffeine pulls real fuel and nutrition out of your body — so with this habit you are actually depleting the body. Don’t worry — I am NOT going to ask you to not drink the coffee or eat the toast. However, I AM asking you to make a change and fuel yourself differently, first thing — then do whatever else you want to do after that. You are giving up nothing that way — yet you are giving yourself a powerhouse of nutritional energy. This is a wonderful way to take responsibility for your body — as well as get a couple of servings of fruits and veggies in within the first meal of your day!

How we begin our day sets the foundation for the rest of the day. Do as you wish after this drink, but let’s start the day with a drink that is a powerhouse of nutritional and energy.  Even if it sounds disgusting, I invite you to try the drink below. I am a very picky person when it comes to tastes and textures, and I find this incredibly palatable.

Here is the recipe:

1 handful of washed kale

1 handful of romaine or other greens

1 handful of sprouts

1 pear, apple OR 1/2 cup blueberries

Dash of cinnamon

1/4 cup soaked sunflower or pumpkin seeds

Add water to create desired thickness

Some people add ice to this – I do not recommend it

Blend in blender until smooth.

I personally add into this a variety of superfood powders to give my power drink even a bigger kick. A couple of my favorite are on my website if you want to check them out. If you have never used these kinds of powders or capsules before, feel free to email me and we can talk about it. If any of you already are consuming these blended drinks and have recipes you want to share, please do so! The more choices and options we have, the more consistent we will want to be!  Also, what are YOUR favorite superfood powders? Please respond below to the blog so we can share the wealth of knowledge and experience to many others. Your experience will ease the path for many others! Please share.

Now…Here is the tough part for most of you. Please don’t just check this off your huge list of things to do for yourself. SIT AND SLOW DOWN AS YOU FILL YOUR BODY WITH THIS INCREDIBLE NUTRITION.

Slowing down as you eat allows your body to digest and absorb more of what you are consuming. You might as well maximize from your experience since you are putting the effort in to do an incredible thing for yourself. By taking 5 to 10 minutes to slowly drink your blended meal, you will be giving your body the message you are worth taking the time to relax and be nurtured. More than that, you will remind your entire being that you are here and that what you want matters. Slowing down really does incredible things for your body and mind. Talk about love for your body! This drink is incredibly easy for your body to digest — so your energy will be left for you — not for digesting your food!!

During this 5 to 10 minute time I highly recommend you put your cell phone and laptop away and just plug into your environment. This is a brand new day! As you are filling up your nutritional cup –why not fill up your emotional cup as well? Allow yourself to be inspired. Breathe in the feeling of joy and gratitude. If you don’t want to just sit there — perhaps read some motivational words or scriptures — whatever floats your boat. Whatever you do, make time first thing in the morning to fuel inspiration. Life alone doesn’t seem to do that for most people. We need to fuel what we want to create more of.

AND… (big smile)…

For those of you gagging at the thought of the drink listed above — thank you for continuing to read this far through the blog. I’m sure it was torturous! There’s still hope for you! If you aren’t going to drink the above mystery potion (one client of mine calls it the Kool-Aid…lol), feel free to just have your coffee and toast — but sit down and enjoy it. If that feels like not enough for you — perhaps purchase a superfood capsule or powder and commit to taking that as well.

May we gently be reminded that our state of mind dramatically improves when we fuel ourselves with highly nutritious foods. If we want to feel better, we must care for ourselves better.

Have a fabulous week!

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