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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy!

Mantra that changed my life (from my Priestess Ariel): “COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY”

In other words, when we compare ourselves to our colleagues, siblings, friends or anyone else, we rob ourselves of the joy and magic in our present circumstance.

  • Do you wonder why someone else achieved professional success so easily?
  • Or why everyone else seems to be in a wonderful relationship and you can’t find a man?
  • Or why you are struggling with health issues and every else seems so healthy and vital?

Widen your perspective and take heed in your own epic journey.


Legendary mythologist Joseph Campbell studied cultures, myths and stories from all different times in history and regions of the world. He recognized that literally all myths and legends (from Aboriginals, Native Americans, to Roman/Greek mythology, to the story of Buddha, Christ, the Bhagavad Gita, etc.) had an identical theme running through as a common denominator.

He called it: THE HERO’S JOURNEY (or The Heroine’s Journey). This is the cycle of personal rising and falling, victories and disappointments that we all face. It’s Uni-versal and it’s unending.

Legends, myths and stories are humanity’s attempt to depict and make meaning of the Uni-versal experience of human life.

Our power lies when we learn to continually venture into the unknown (beyond our comfort zone), leave our tribe and go off to fight the battles of life (inner and outer). Tools and guides will appear. If we proceed with courage, we will return changed and with an unspeakable treasure – our True Self.


I will be blogging for the next several weeks on THE HERO’S JOURNEY, as it is one of the great tools for understanding the difficulties of life and serves as a map showing us the way inward. Every couple years, I lead a profound Shamanic Yoga Pilgrimage into the heart of the Peruvian Andes and the ancient, mystical power point of Machu Picchu based on THE HERO’S JOURNEY. As we approach this voyage for Spring Equinox 2012 – I will systematically offer you these tools to serve you on your path of awakening.


The first stage of the Hero’s Journey is THE CALL. Hearing the call to adventure or the call of your soul/psyche – your inner yearning, purpose, dharma – and following its prompts is the work of the hero/heroine. In other words: listen to, hear and follow your truth. You will be called away from your tribe, out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.

This is where the magic lies. (more on this next week)


When answering the call to adventure and entering the forest of the unknown – you must venture on your own.

When you embark on your voyage – one thing is for sure: you cannot follow another’s path. You are called to fight your own battles – alone. King Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable collectively decided to go in search of the Holy Grail. But, when they entered the forest to begin their trek, they each entered at their own point. There is no right way. They each had their own battles to fight and demons to slay in pursuit of victory.

Guarantee: If you are following in someone else’s footsteps or find yourself on a well-trodden path – you are NOT on your path!


This week, look back at your life and identify what themes or patterns define your journey. We are all here to learn different lessons (or as Caroline Myss says: we each have our own “soul contracts”). Some of us are challenged with money, some of are seeking our beloved and yearning for a partnership or to have a child, some of us struggle with early childhood trauma or finding our purpose and passion in work.

Notice how easy it is to compare your path or phase of life to someone else’s. They cannot fight your battles. You cannot fight theirs.

Trust the timing in your life. Trust the lessons that you are here to learn. Some things come much more easily to you than other people. Some things may be a continuous challenge in your life. This is where your personal brand of magic lies – in your uniqueness and perfect imperfection.

Let go of comparing and assessing. You are on your own epic journey. Enjoy!

Tune in next week for more tools from the Hero’s Journey.

Please share what lessons you are here to learn and leave a comment below.

Blessings on the path,


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