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Daily Love Tour Diary: Sweaty Palms And A Champagne Toast

Tommy-Head-ShotI am traveling around Canada and The U.S. teaching on the Daily Love Enter The Heart Tour. Mastin Kipp, my dear friend, conceived of the tour, which is one part Kundalini Yoga and one part Heart Therapy, a process that Mastin has developed and applied in his private coaching sessions, workshops and retreats. We have been to Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago and Kansas City.

Wherever we go, people are deeply enamored with Mastin mainly because he has been diligently, honestly and passionately expressing his heart and offering perspective and advice every single day going on 5 years now through The Daily Love.  It has been just awesome to see how much he has helped people to reflect, connect and correct blockages in their lives, much of which, he himself has had to face on his journey.  It has also been so heartwarming to have people in each market come up to me and say, “Tommy, your Recovery 2.0 has changed my life.”

Yesterday in Chicago, I went with Mastin to Harpo Studios to see the taping of Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclass with Brené Brown.

Upon our arrival, an extraordinary woman named Maya Watson gave us a tour of the beautiful facility. At every level, Harpo is pro. The offices are exquisite, tastefully decorated with outstanding art, lots of light and a great layout. Technologically speaking, the whole place is outfitted and showcases what the cutting edge looks like in terms of media, communication and social networking.

The staff at Harpo appear to love what they do and be invested in their work at a level that goes deeper than mere vocational pursuit. They are enthusiastic and proud.  There is a collective realization that they are doing something that is helping people and the world in a profound way.  Who would not want to be a part of something like that?  Everyone we met was welcoming. They all knew Mastin as he had previously been on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. Many warm greetings and hugs were exchanged.

Mastin, his brighter than light girlfriend, Jenna and I sat and watched the taping of the show in a private office and then when it was over, Maya came to get us to meet Oprah.

I was so excited to meet her.  There would be nothing to say of course, except hello and thank you for all you do.  She must have heard it a million times.  Maybe more. It’s what happens when you do a lot of good and meet a lot of people who appreciate you.  I would be no different and that was just fine.  Of course, in the back of my mind was the idea that maybe someday I would get to teach Oprah some Kundalini Yoga, but those kind of thoughts need to be kept in check lest they come out in some inappropriate comment to be followed by the enduring horror of having said something really stupid to Oprah. Just say “hello and thank you” Tommy and that’s all there is to it.

So there I am standing next to Mastin and Jenna, Brené Brown and maybe 2 dozen people who are about to have a champagne toast to the success of the screening. (I, of course, was not toasting with Champagne!) Oprah walks in. Suddenly, I realize I do not know what to do with my hands.  They have become awkward mitts, heavy and conspicuous.  I put them in my pockets.  Then I take them out.  I try several other hand positions, but nothing seems to work.  Next thing I know,  Oprah is in front of me.  Mastin, says, “Oprah, this is my friend, Tommy.”  She looks at me and says, “Are you the Kundalungi Yoga Teacher?” Then she bursts out laughing at her pronunciation of the word. “Yes, Oprah, that’s me. So awesome to meet you.”

At the end of the celebration on our way out we run into Oprah again.  She playfully hits me on the arm as she passes. I say, “I’ll see you in Kundalini Yoga Class sometime Oprah.” She turns and smiles a warm gracious smile.

The way evolution takes place is through the willingness of people to share what has worked, what hasn’t and to inspire people along their own paths. Little by little, thought by thought, action by action, person by person this is how the world changes.  That is the secret of Oprah’s success and that will be the secret of yours as well.

Sending Love and Peace from The Daily Love Tour.

Tommy Rosen


Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction specialist. Check out his website here.