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Daily Share – All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Debt Free

TDL_FB-iconI don’t know where to begin so I will start with what comes to mind. I am currently at work (only been here a month) unable to focus or concentrate on the task at hand. My head and my heart are still at home with my husband and daughter (currently 7 1/2 months old), which leaves me feeling lost and longing to be home. See, my time at home was cut short because I was laid off last year (the fourth time in the past few years) while I was pregnant, so now my husband gets to stay at home with our daughter until March. My husband and I have been making it through, but over the years we have lost jobs and regained new ones. Unfortunately, however, the pay seems to be getting smaller and smaller with each job.

We are struggling to keep up with our bills (our credit cards have slowly been maxed out) and with Christmas being here it has made it even harder. I had to get rid of my car because I couldn’t afford the repair bill and it was leaking fluid all over the ground, so now I take the bus and walk part of the way to work even when it is -20 degrees or colder. Some days I feel like there isn’t enough time to spend with my husband or daughter and that I am barely hanging on. Basically, I am just going through the motions of life without living it. I like to look on the bright side of things (most people think I am positive and always smiling) but I feel like that part of me is being buried with emotions of being lost and in debt. I don’t know how to turn things around or feel connected to my life again.

A TDL Reader

  • Desiree

    I truly understand your struggles and I feel what you’re feeling. It can be very difficult to maintain positivity when in debt. please keep in mind you are not alone there are so many people, including myself going through similar or worst situations.
    I feel the best thing to do to stay positive is to not dwell on the debt you’ve acquired because it produces negativity. So re-naming debt as (Invoices for blessings received) there’s a shift to a more positive name for debt. What helped me think this way is a book I read called, “Money, A Love Story” by Kate Northrup.
    It’s kinda like the Law of Attraction, in the way that abundant thinking will bring you abundance. It’s sometimes difficult to do.

  • usul

    All these things, the combination of things are stressful, real, difficult, with no easy solution and can go on for a long time. Your letter has made me look at the times in my own life that have also been overwhelming and to do so brings up a lot of stressful emotions. Being squeezed so hard financially complicates everything. Thirty years on from my own financial despair every hot shower I take is in gratitude, as is every cup of hot tea I drink. I thank my vehicle every time I get into it and every time I can fill the tank up. Every night I feel my sheets in gratitude because they are soft, clean, and I am under a roof. Every bill I pay I do so in gratitude, this is independent of how much money I have in the bank. I am in gratitude each and every day at the miracle of being able to cover the basics of food and shelter. I think that much prolonged despair made me able to recognize a slender moment of opportunity when it did come and then be committed to working twice as hard, twice as fast for however long to turn the tide. And then keep riding that wave no matter what for as long as it took and then for as long as I wanted to. It was only by Grace the opportunity came, by Grace I recognized it as a way out, and only by Grace that everything worked out. Eat the best food you can find, stay healthy, do the things that are free, stay alert, stay aware of possibilities, be ready to jump, stay safe, don’t buy into your fears and don’t do anything that will complicate things further. Build the strongest platform for yourself and your family out of what you currently have. Be really aware of things like the beating heart of your child, be aware of the touch of your husband, breathe those kind of things in deeply and etch them into the fabric of your being. Peace is ultimately the greatest achievement, the greatest gift for ourselves and others. Find and cultivate peace within.

    • Irena

      Usul, Your reply touched my heart deeply, thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope your words will be helpful to all who can really hear them.
      I strongly believe that Gratitude is our way to communicate with Universe, to aknowledge all Grace given to us every day in everything in our lives – and simply life itself . Thank you again.

  • Teresa Brown

    I can understand where you are at this point in your life. After my divorce I struggled to pay a car note, rent, utilities, insurance……I was literally robbing peter to pay Paul. The difference is that you have a child and husband. I thank God that I had family to lean on in the tough times. I had a total breakdown and panic attack. It scared me because I had no idea why I was so afraid! Don’t give up and don’t give in!! Stay positive! Remember trouble don’t last always!!!