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Daily Share – Are My Standards Too High?

TDL_FB-iconI stumbled across this site because I was curious if other people feel the way I do. Sorry if my concerns seems long-winded, but I’m just typing things as they come to mind. I’m a 24 year old guy, and I’m very confused about what I want and what I should do with my love life. I feel like my expectations for what a woman should be like are too high, but I can’t seem to lower them…I know that I shouldn’t have such high standards, and I sincerely feel guilty about it, like all the time.

I think of myself as a pretty attractive guy, as well as pretty intelligent (I’m doing fairly well in my classes), so I know I’m able to have relatively high standards (in terms of looks and compatibility). I have a girlfriend that I care about a lot, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her, but I can’t help but think all the time whether or not she’s the right person for me. I want a girl who is pretty (she doesn’t have to be a supermodel, but I’d like her to be close to my attractiveness as a guy), is my equal in intelligence and beliefs, and also likes to do the same things that I like to do.

I’m afraid that this woman doesn’t exist, and if she does, she’s probably already with someone (probably taller than me lol). I try and try again to make the best out of the relationships that I have with girls, but I seem to be unable to make myself happy with anyone who doesn’t fit these requirements, and I hate it.

I’m just not sure what action I need to take…I’ve tried weighing my options. Do I stay with my girlfriend who I care about and who treats me well, but isn’t really my perfect match? I couldn’t just leave her if miss perfect came along, plus I can’t really put myself in situations where I can actually find miss perfect when I have a girlfriend.

Or, do I go back to being single and wait to find her? I’m hoping that medical school will help, since I’ll be surrounded by more people like myself. I’m just afraid that if I stay single and wait, she might never come. Then I’ll just be a lonely, miserable old man who couldn’t make the best out of what he was dealt. I know I sound shallow, whiny, and dramatic, but please, any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much,

A TDL Reader