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Daily Share – Count Your Blessings & Never Forget Them!

So tonight I was doing the usual “procrastinating searching the web instead of writing” thing, when I came across the song Taylor Swift performed at Stand Up to Cancer TV. special. The song she wrote is about a little four year old boy named Ronan who died of cancer. The song itself was stirring up deep emotions within and my eyes started to mist.

But it wasn’t until the end when the picture of this little boy with the electrifying blue eyes showed up on the screen that I completely lost it. I mean full snotty teary face. Now, I wasn’t crying because I was relating to the story. I’m blessed to say that I have never lost anyone close to me or have ever experienced the horrific nightmare of cancer. I was so emotional for two reasons. One because I saw my sixteen month old nephew in Ronan’s face along with all the other little children of the world and two, because I was ashamed and disappointed in my poor attitude I’ve had lately.

Many of us tend to overlook the amazing blessings we have in our lives the moment our life isn’t going as planned or cruising smoothly. The relationship we were in suddenly ends or we lose our job or we’re not exactly where we think we should be in life. I know in these past couple of months I have struggled with self imposed disappoints about my own life and wishing for a better one.

We never stop to think about those who are dying at the tender age of four years old or the starving children in Africa who are sleeping on dirt floors with an empty belly; The young adults in India who live in extreme poverty earning less than four hundred dollars a year wishing for the chance to go to college and become someone.

My life is a dream come true compared to many who will never get the chance to experience half of what many of us have. We constantly worry about “I” and what “I want” and “I deserve” etc… But what if we stopped with the self-cherishing and looked past “I” and educate ourselves on what other’s are going through and find ways to be of service to them.

So I decided to make a list of all my blessings and read them out loud every morning before getting out of bed. Also, I will practice being of service to others in the world. Anyone going through anything painful I will find a way to be of service setting my own selfish needs aside and knowing that the needs and pain of others is just as important as my own.

I wanted to write this post as my way of being of service to Ronan and honoring his story.

With love,

A TDL Reader

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