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Daily Share – Desperately Trying To Quit Smoking! I’m Stuck And Need Help!

TDL_FB iconI have been desperately trying to quit smoking! I’m 53-years-old and have been smoking since I was 15. I have been unable to quit. I’ve tried everything under the sun. One thing worked for me, it was a book by Dr. Allen Carr, however, it only lasted six months. I don’t know why I started smoking again, and now I’m stuck. I’ve been praying for release, but I keep smoking. My friends tell me I really have to want it. I can’t think of anything I want more. I’m afraid I’m going to smoke myself to death.

If there’s any advice you can give me that might help I’ll be eternally grateful!

A TDL Reader

  • smilenash

    I started when i was 12 and quit when i was 50… with  chantix ( a prescribed medicine) took the edge off for stopped that little voice that said “time for a cigarette”

  • Tristawiese007

    One word,


    I also am a smoker who has tired desperately to quit. Ask your doctor, even your dentist! They will be more en happy to get you the script. It blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain so you end up wondering why your walking in a cloud if nasty smoke? Find something to replace your habbit, like crossword puzzle, to keep your hands busy..Add some will power and you will be smoke free in 1-2 week!!!

    I find that Chantix makes me nauseous if I take it on an empty stomach , so do your self a favor: have a big breakfast,wait 20 minutes, then take the pill..

    Good Luck.

    Trista S.-

  • Sue

    I started smoking  daily when I was 15 and quit last June in my 53rd year too, after “quitting” over and over again. My catalyst was that my mother in law found out she had lung cancer, my father in law died of smoking caused emphysema and I just could not do that to my husband. I projected my reason to the one person it would hurt the worse if I too smoked myself to death.  Use the love of those around you as your excuse! And love YOURSELF enough to know you do not need it. 








  • [email protected]

    Therr is a 100% chance you can do this. Stop worrying. I was uncomfortable smoking like you…ONTHE SPOT. The fear of burning my house down became an OCD issue
    Leaving the house and coming back to see if cigarette was left burning. This was permeating living…so nervous.
    One Saturday I woke…smoked a cig. This is not me. I unknowingly quit at that moment. When I returned home…when I found cigarettes around… I immediately doused them with water. Immediately. You can do this.

  • Betsy

    Good for you for writing! It’s never too late to quit. I know that’s true, because I am 59 and only quit 14 months ago. (Of course, no kidding — that was about my 20th attempt to stop smoking OVER 30 YEARS OR SO.)! I used my intense frustration with myself as my most powerful weapon. I kept visualizing myself with reams of smoke coming out of my head, for example. i also learned to meditate, which has helped my life in countless ways. Also, think about something precious in your life that will be spoiled by the very thought of smoking. When I finally quit, I was about to become a grandmother for the first time. Every time I thought about holding my beautiful grandchild in my lap, the very idea of smoking seemed absolutely criminal. I  never wanted the baby  to associate me with the nastiness of smoking, and I knew my smoking would also become an even bigger issue with my daughter, the soon-to-be Mom.

    I can tell you that ‘ve never felt better! You can do it! 

  • Currie Rose

    I really feel your desire to break free. That is definitely the first step. Though we are all different and what worked for me may not work for you, I will share my story anyway. I hope you can gain something from it. A few months ago, I quit smoking with the help of a health coach. I was nervous to give up my habit… But knew it had to go as I was coughing icky stuff up several times a day (scary to be 31 and coughing up that stuff). Also, I was well aware that after a terribly abusive childhood, that I took up smoking as a way to suck my voice in…. And give my power away and never speak my truth. Well, I was bound and determined to take my power back and start speaking my truth…. Live out loud, actually. That is where the coach came in. I approached her and asked if I could do a cleanse through her to help release the emotional and chemical toxins from my body… And she agreed. I was scared because she set very specific boundaries for me and held me accountable. She was very positive and helpful. I still work with her actually…. In fact the little cleanse I did has lead to a big 6 week cleanse that has been the most challenging and rewarding task I have taken on in quite some time. Oh, another positive side effect of using a health coach was at the same time I quit smoking, I quit refined sugars and dairy and coffee too. I just wanted good health so bad… And to stop having a dysfunctional marriage to my daily coffee and cake… And ooey gooey cheese… And to start having a healthy commitment to my self.

  • Sumara Marie Buchanan


    Your story sounds like

    I quit five years ago
    after being ravish by the habit for as many years as you.

    I found that my
    difficulty was in making the final decision to quit.

    Once I made that final
    decision, quiting was easy. Really it was.

    You can do it. I know
    you can~~

    I will be lighting
    candles for your success.
    Happily, Sumara Marie

  • Erika

    Acupuncture!!! It’s works. 

  • Quitter

    My best friend and I successfully quit Dec. 28, 2008 with the help of a class offered by our local county health dept.  We attribute our success to doing it together and the great tips and tricks we learned in the class.  We started out by setting a date to quit then went thru several steps to prepare our minds for quitting.  By knowing the signs of withdrawal  and the best way to deal with each of them you can overcome.  We also wrote a goodbye letter to smoking which was very therapeutic. Did you know your craving will go away in 7 minutes whether you smoke or not?  Most of the times you smoke is out of habit in that situation and not because you really want to smoke…get in the car, light up; pour a cup of coffee, light up; mine was talking on the phone.  If you are conscious every time you start to light up you can stop yourself.  And you can change your routine in anticipation of that craving.  I now do chores while talking on the phone like unloading the dishwasher or making the bed.  It was very hard the first two weeks but got easier every day.   Becoming a Grandma was also great incentive.  I’m so happy my grandson has never seen me smoke.  

    Check with your local health dept and if possible get a buddy to do it with you.  It can be done and I wish you much luck!  Your health is worth the temporary discomfort of quitting.

  • grandpap

    I stopped smoking over twenty years ago. My son, who was 5 at the time, begged me. The problem was I did’t love myself enough to stop, but I loved him so I did. I quit cold turkey that day. I had a hard time for 2 weeks. Then every day It got better. I would urge anyone to quit. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I felt great, after the first two weeks. You will find a whole new life. You will realize how much smoking has distracted you from living a complete life. The secret is to start loving yourself. Do it for you. If you need help you can buy gum with nic in it. Then just start to replace the nic gum with chewing gum until you are off the nic completly. You started smoking again! So what. You made a mistake thats all. Forgive yourself and try, try again. I found that excersize was the best replacement, along with deep breathing, and meditation. Everytime I wanted to smoke I took a walk, did 10 pushups or some physical activity and the desire went away. Only two weeks and the physical cravings will be gone. Then its just the mental habits that remains. Finding some positive thing to replace it can help. Please love yourself enough to try again. I had a friend who quit by slowly and gradualy quiting. He smoked 30 a day. Thgen he said he was only going to smoke 25. So he would reward himself by having a smoke. When he got down to 4 per day. He would get up and smoke one. Then he told himself that as a reward for waiting he would have one after lunch. Then after dinner, then at bed time. He kept it up for months. Then one day he went cold turkey and it was real eazy. It doesnt matter how, it matters that you keep trying, ease up on yourself, forgive a backslide, and go right back to your plan. You will make it. Your life will be so, so much better. Good luck.

  • Rosewinepress

    Dear Desperate Smoker Person,

    My husband quit smoking with one of those electronic cigarettes after 52 yrs.!
    And has lived to tell about it!  First, he started w/one that had nicotine, but then
    he needed surgery & in order to heal faster, he went w/no nicotine.  (Plenty of
    flavors to try too! )  Now, after two years, he only smokes the electronic cig
    every once in awhile w/his coffee buddies.  You will save thousands of dollars
    and one fabulous pair of smoke-free lungs!  Best wishes for all that matters
    most to you!  JR in TX

  • Misty1247

    I got zapped and it’s been more than 7 years.  It’s called auricotherapy.  It’s accupuncture in the ear.

  • MA
  • jp

    First of all good for you!   Every hour you go without smoking improves some part of your body. It improves your blood pressure within hours within a day your airways are
    recovering  SO keep it up, biggest hurdle is the physical habits linked to your smoking times.   Fine ANY thing else to do and within 3 minutes that craving will go away.
    FYI  I am a Respiratory Therapist so trust me, keep up the good work!!

  • Iamwholeandthriving

    Sometimes it’s just synergy, timing, divine intervention, deep want….  I had no interest in quitting smoking, to be honest, even though I was trying to, until someone said to me (after they had attend some weekend long workshop) “you’re sad, that’s why you smoke.”

    I’m Sad???  That’s why I smoke???  I thought, well, I’d rather deal with the sadness then keep smoking.  I quit right there and then, without thinking twice and began investigating the source of my sadness.     I’ve been smoke free for over 4 years.  And I don’t ever want to go back, not for a whiff, not to hold one, non of it.  All the cravings are compeletly gone.  I can’t believe how I was treating myself for 20 years.    Shortly after quitting I was also blessed with a child and I know that by loving myself I am loving her.

    Your fear is helping, let that keep fueling your desire to change.  Find the source, replace with love and you’ve changed.

  • Katybee

    In my experience there are only 3 things you need to do to be successful quitting smoking, or any other unhealthy habit: 1) Meditate 2) meditate and 3) meditate again. The journey to self love lies within and once you find it and travel far enough along it there is no going back. I quit drinking and binge eating this way after many failed attempts. And I’m 50 this year and have drank and smoked since I was 13! Find yourself a good meditation teacher/spiritual support group and you’ll be on your way. Everyday isn’t easy but the good days more than make up for the challenging ones. Best of love. You can do it.

  • Carolin

    I thought I would never be able to quite smoking. I started when I was 13 years old and quite when I was 29. I am 47 now. Quiting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did. At the time I attributed my daily success to the decision I made not to be controlled by a substance that robbed me of my freedom to do what I wanted with my own time. Also my children were a big factor. They all wanted me to quite. I didn’t want anyone to worry about me. Looking back on it though I would have to say that what truely took place was that I commited to my decision to quite even if it meant death. I certainly felt like I was dying when I tried to quite many times in my past. The symptoms of withdrawl were horrific. I felt that I also went through a grieving process as well. It was if someone very close to me had died. I know this seems very melodramatic but honestly to be real and honour what I was going through helped me get through it. I just thought every time I quite I have gone through this pain and emotion, It can’t stay like this for ever. It’s got to get better at some point and so I pushed through again until I made it to the other side. IAsI write this I realize that Fear was a big part of it all and most likeley amplified the rest of the emotions I had to go through in order to quite. I had the fear that I would fail myself again. I would let myself down again. This was a self fullfilling prophecy that I had told myself repeatedly throughout my life that I was not good enough. I do not know if this is the case for you but if it is ask yourself this what makes you good enough? What makes anyone good enough? Who’s the judge? Who’s the jury? The answer to all these questions for me was me. When I realized that, then I could take my power back. In other words I took full responsability for my actions and made a decision from a feeling good place that was deeper than all the other emotion that were merely old, misguided perspectives of myself. I truly was and am worthy of self love. I deserve to be happy and healthy. As a result of writing this I have realized that I can accomplish another hurdle in my life with the same mindset. Thank you.

  • Katie Grass


  • susanJOY

    I was a smoker for 20 years and never stopped trying to give up. Each time I tried I realised I had learnt ways of not smoking each time I succeeded for a while. I could work all day and not smoke, I could go to friends and not smoke. my final attempt was when I vomited from smoking and thought this is insane from now on this is the end of cigarettes. I kept a journal of every 15 minutes and made notes cause I could only go 15 minutes at a time. I chewed gum. now I have stopped the cigarettes and gum and have been free of cigarettes for 23 years. KEEP TRYING AND NEVER GIVE UP EVEN IF YOU DIE ONLY HAVING NOT SMOKED FOR A SHORT TIME THAT IS STILL A GOOD THING. YOU HAVE YEARS TO GO. YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS xxsusanJOY

  • Theamatofamily

    We have a quit smoking site that is social, fun & FREE! Having support while on your quit journey is key and proven to be very effective. Have a look, what have you got to lose?

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  • Henry Nancy

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