Daily Share – Everything Is Going Wrong!

Everything is going wrong.

Those were my first thoughts as I woke up this morning. Not a nice affirmation, not a simple prayer. And maybe that’s where it actually started to go wrong. I swear from last night I’ve been breaking glasses, spilling water, forgotten about a work shift, hit trash cans, and to top it all off I was in an accident tonight, hitting two pedestrians in a crosswalk.

As you can imagine, I was a mess. There are cops and ambulances and these two men are complaining of injuries (after they cursed me out and walked around fine for 10 minutes of course). A thousand ego-heavy thoughts have been wrecking my mind. How I’m worthless, a horrible person, a terrible driver, I shouldn’t be able to…exist. So this is bringing up past issues with my disordered eating and self-harm addictions. I can’t keep thinking about how I could have KILLED these guys. It doesn’t matter who they were, that they were druggies or whatever. I could have been responsible for taking human life and I can’t shake it.

The LOVE side of me wants to say, well this sucks, so something great must be right around the corner. But I’m having trouble believing it. I’m out of alignment and I’m desperate to get back. I can’t shake this feeling of negativity and all I want is to be back in alignment and centered again. And I’m afraid that all the meditation and prayer in the world just won’t be enough.

A TDL Reader

  • AMH

    Good morning. Every morning while my coffee brews I read the daily love and soul pancake to help keep me on track emotionally and spiritually. I find myself spinning out of control in the emotional department if I dont have a home base to return to. Like a safety net kind of. I understand who I am and it sounds like you do as well but sometimes we get carried far from our home base and get lost on our way back. I am here shining a bright light. The warmth and love of the world is this way:-) I heard a sermon by Bishop TD Jakes yesterday (not a normal way to spend my Tuesday morning getting ready for work) that I would like to share. Due to the sensitive nature of religious beliefs I will quote loosely. He was simply reminding his audience that as humans we are constructed to handle certian trials in our lives. Just as a roof is constructed to hold so much snow. Architects do not build roofs in Alaska that can handle the load of snow in Maui. The same goes for us humans. We are not put in positions where we would crumbled we are predesigned to with stand all the weight that our life will put on us. So in times of trial keep in mind there is nothing in this life that can truly crumble you because you were predesigned for this journey. No one was seriously injurged neither you or the people you incountered regardless the circumstances. That is a blessing… remember to keep gratitude. You got a gentle wake up call from the Uni-verse. I hope you have an amazing day today. Hugs.

  • Meredith Henry

    Please, please, PLEASE read, “How to heal your life” by Louise Hay. The video “How to heal your life” is on Youtube too, but there are exercises in the book that are extraordinary and she writes it in a way that I think most people can follow even if you don’t enjoy reading all that much. 

    P.S. start saying your affirmations in the present text. “Something great must be right around the corner” will never come, cause it will always be a few steps away from you. 
     a few examples:
    My life is great right now! 
    I am in alignment with all the good the Universe has planned for me. 
    Meditation and prayer calm my spirit and give me energy and happiness! 

    Put them on index cards and try to memorize them by reading them several times a day. Read them out loud if possible. You will do amazing!

  • Ema

    I am sending you a lot of love and blessings. Don’t give up on you, you have so many people that love you, I am one.

  • Nancy

    You might be moving too fast. Slow down. A Lot.
    Bless you.

  • Look at what is going right.

    How does each one of these ‘wrong’ things help you? What are you inspired to be / do / have because of it? How are these ‘wrong’ things helping you get there?

    Count your blessings.

  • bimini444

    What I do when everything gets chaotic. I just begin with the thought that I want peace, I want to be happy. I keep thinking that thought not pushing, just allowing that to come to my mind. And slowly but surely things appear like boxes, vlogs, that get me going towards peace. Just think help me and the uni-verse will respond

  • Dante K.

    Gotta change that thinking.  Everytime a negative thought pops into my head, I think of 3 positive things.  Some as simple as the birds are singing and some as important as thank God I’m sober right now in this moment.  If I live in the past and think too much about the future, I crap on today and that’s a waste of time.

    When I’m going crazy in my head, that means there’s an attack on my soul and I have a choice to give in and have a pity party, or give up and let God take it.

    Easier said than done, but I’ve found that changing my thoughts, even though it may be every minute of the day has helped me be more positive, thus opening my heart to help others and to love.

    Life is life and things seem to come all at once.  Only with soundness of mind and intentional action can I change the way I relate to God and how I love myself.

    You are worth it.  Tell yourself that.  You are worth fighting for, you are worth being alive, you are worth being happy.  Forgive yourself and turn your thoughts to helping others.

  • Maureen

    Embrace being “out of alignment”. Sometimes you have to experience what you are not in order to get back to remembering who you really are. Dumping it here is a really good start. Secondly, you know that eating and self-harm will not help so don’t do that. Feel your pain, talk to it, accept it, release it, and then forgive yourself. You are perfect just the way you are. 

  • listen

    It’s hard to make sense of why these things happen, but I promise it will make sense later. Maybe it was a wake up call for you or someone around you. Just know there’s a reason why this is happening, and do what you can to learn from it. There will always be difficult situations in life and times of suffering, but the way you grow from them is learning how to react.  Listen to your LOVE side and know there will always be good ahead.  You may have had an accident, but no one was killed which is what is most important. Don’t be so hard on yourself, everyone makes mistakes. 
    Do what you enjoy, listen to your body, and do things that  make you feel centered. Things will get better soon.