Daily Share – Experiencing “Home” In The Eyes Of A Soul Mate!

Hello Daily Lovers,

I have a unique experience in which I would like to share and receive advice on… A few years back I was watching an interview on a certain celebrity, when all of a sudden I was overcome with a feeling of home, like “this is the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with!” Well, a few weeks later I met that person(through a sequence of random events) and everything that could go wrong did, so the experience was just okay. There were a few text exchanges after that but egos were involved and we stopped speaking.

Fast forward to 2012, and I am on a path of bettering myself and also looking for my soul mate by reading books, meditation, etc. One day while reading, I came across a definition of a soul mate: “…when you look into that person’s eyes you experience home…” You can imagine my shock and surprise because that’s exactly what I felt for that person without even knowing it. But when I reflect on the actual experience when I met them, nothing went right. So, what does this whole situation mean? Was it wrong timing? Are we soul mates? Do we both need to grow? Was I just wrong in feeling that way? I’ve been in love before, but I have never experienced a feeling like that… I don’t know, I’m clueless. Help! Thanks 🙂

A TDL Reader

  • Bviolet_au

    I went out on a blind date and that very night as we were dancing and I looked in to his eyes, he kissed me on the forehead and I had an amazing feeling that I felt I was home…I had never experienced that feeling before! 3 months later we were married and 17 years later we are still together and going strong. I still feel like I am home whenever I look in to his eyes or I am in his arms. I guess the timing was right for us and everything just fell in to place, I am not sure this answers your questions but I know I believe in that definition of a soul mate 🙂

  • Phil Garcia

    Wether the feeling is like being home, or it’s just ok, I am one to believe that soul mates are a work in progress. I find it especially more challenging when both of us are on a spiritual walk together. It’s difficult to be emotionally naked in front of others. If one becomes unwilling to do so, he or she will never get home.
    Just my perspective. 

    • Samantha

      What phil said-a lightening bolt connection is one thing and a very good reminder that such an amazing connection exists. But the hard work of day to day willingness to be open to the work it takes to be in harmonious relationship is different.
      I’ve looked into someone’s eyes and KNOWN, and known also that he is married w kids, so all I do is look and think…meh, timing was crap. Plus he could have been terrible at the spiritual walk. Not everyone is willing to get to know themselves.

    • Lissa

       would love to quote you on this… are you on Twitter or Facebook? 🙂

      • Phil Garcia

        facebook under Felipe Garcia Jr (Doc) under [email protected]:disqus  @myhealthydoctor:disqus .

  • Michelle

    I went on a date with a guy once and the chemistry was amazing. I’m talking the type of chemistry where the waiter comes back three times and you haven’t so much as picked up the menus. Where the food and wine sits on the table untouched because you’re so engrossed in conversation. Where you can feel the chemistry bouncing off the walls and enveloping just you and him in the room. Where the restaurant closes, the lights go on and the employees start stacking the chairs on the tables and shoot dirty looks in an effort to tell you to get the hell out. Turns out the guy had an on-and-off girlfriend. That guy made me feel “home” and I had NEVER experienced that in all of my 31+ years. I ultimately realized that even though he made me feel “home” it just wasn’t meant to be. I now understand that his role in my journey was to SHOW me what true chemistry feels like so I can recognize it moving forward. Can that person of yours be your “home”? Absolutely! But maybe that person is simply a mile marker along your path, letting you know that while you aren’t quite there yet you’re certainly heading in the right direction. 

    • Sexyj1967

      I love your reply! I’ve had quite a few mile markers….I sure hope im on my way to finding my “home”….

    • guest

       awesome reply–but if that same person shows up on and off through-out your life–then what?!

  • belais

    it’s falling into limerence…

    • guest


  • Lomdsftexas

    I know what it feels like when you meet someone and thinking they are the love of your life. I met someone. Had the most incredible experiences. Loads of amazing synchronicities. It’s harmony but still in the proccess. I’m learning to be still, paitent and waiting on the direct guidence of the universe. When you reach a point where you don’t know. Pray and ask for that guidence and the universe will speak to you in amazing ways! 😉

  • Truth Seeker

    I have only felt this way twice in my life so I am not an expert but to me this person is the opportunity to grow in areas we have not been before.  The awareness we are both growing spiritually and together supporting each other is the “Home” we see in the other.  There is no greater achievement on this earth than joining together to reach common goals.  This “knowing” of another takes time and patience to evolve.  And in time, all will be revealed.

  • Erin

    I have known my current boyfriend for eight years through work. We had an instant connection but I only saw him as a friend. I was not ready for him yet. We remained good friends, trying to have dinner on our birthdays every year, sharing stories about life events but it was strictly platonic on my end. On his end he believed he was meant to be with me. I was HOME to him. He would tell me this but I didn’t quite see it. 2 months ago I saw it, out of nowhere. As soon as I opened my heart to the possibility, I knew I was HOME. He waited for me all those years and his feelings only grew stronger. Now I am involved in the best and most healthy relationship I have ever known. He thought all those years that he must have been wrong to feel that way because I was not reciprocating. Now he says he does not regret one moment. Now he knows he was right, and so do I. Timing has EVERYTHING to do with it. You may know where home is before your time or theirs.

  • Kate

    I had a similar experience as Bviolet_au.  About four and a half years ago I met someone online (that in itself was a synchronicity since I was just about to delete my account).  When we finally met, we talked for hours. When he walked me home and we were standing in my driveway, he brushed the hair from my eyes touching my forehead.  Something came over me and I could look at him and “see” him.  I knew him before and I did, I felt like I was home.  I would’ve married him on the spot!  Needless to say, it didn’t work out and it was so painful.  I didn’t understand what was happening so I started to learn as much as I could about soul mates.

    I believe we have many soul  mates and sometimes they show up to alter our path.  And he did just that!  I give thanks all the time because of my experience with him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  And now, I met someone, another odd set of events where we were working on a project together for several weeks and I did not “see” him (literally and figuratively) until the very last week.  Once I finally saw him, we hit it off.  We live in separate states and it’s so difficult being patient to see where it will go.  I so desperately want to see him just to see what is truly there since we weren’t able to spend much time at all together that last week.  And he’s so “not my type” but he’s everything I’ve ever wanted (so far from what I know). So since I’ve had this feeling before, I can recognize it and manage the feelings better.  The feelings are still overwhelming and confusing and my heartaches with missing him but now I know I can ask for help, guidance and assistance in releasing any old beliefs, fears, etc in order to, hopefully, move forward and at least see what is possible.  I believe that what is yours cannot be lost and if it’s meant to be it will but the struggle is having the faith, trusting the process and patience!  

    I’m struggling with all of this right now, so thank you to everyone who commented…it’s exactly what I needed to hear!

  • Tara

    There are three kinds of soulmates. Matched souls, twin souls and completing souls. You will meet many matched soulmates during the course of your life. These are the ones you feel a sense of ease and comfort with, you get along splendidly. Then you have your twin soulmates. You could meet at least three or four or five over your life time. These are the ones who are so much like you, you feel that surge of energy the instant you meet. The term ‘like attracts like’ originates from this, I believe. When twin souls connect, it can be explosive, fire crackers if you will. And then comes the most important soulmate you will ever meet. These are very rare. You only have one. This type of soulmate is the ying to your yang. The perfect balance. When the two of you are together, it feels like home. This is the one your soul can truly evolve with in harmony. I know you will meet all your soulmates in this life. All you have to do is believe. So much peace, love, joy, health and abundance to you.

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  • Toruko Misuteri

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