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Daily Share: Facebook Drama

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle texting/facebook drama?

Obviously we all “know” that it’s not a forum for venting, but lately it seems to be on the rise. The ignorance transcends all educational levels, as Professionals with Masters & Doctorate degrees vent their personal frustrations on public forums even though we know better. Emotional intelligence flies out the window.

I’ve lost a couple of lifelong friends lately who got mad at me for not responding to their texts, or responding with a quick “yes” because I missed the first part of a 2-part text that ended with “Is everything okay?” But apparently started with “Are you mad at me? You haven’t returned my call for 3 days.” I was in 3 trials in 5 days, but that friend had apparently texted me and I didn’t see it, because I often don’t return personal calls until the weekend. When I explained the missing element, she still elected to end our friendship because I don’t give her enough attention since she moved 4 hours away from me. She canceled my upcoming trip to go see her & canceled the concert we were going to go see together. This woman is also an attorney in her early 40′s but very emotionally needy.

She defriended me on Facebook. Another friend defriended me on Facebook because she got mad at me, also. A lot of women are defriending each other, then adding them back. It’s become quite an emotionally destructive tool. How do we keep technology in a place where it can be used as a tool rather than a weapon? How do we keep our minds in the right frame so we don’t fail to respect those boundaries?

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