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Daily Share – Feedback On What I’m Going Through!

I’ve been struggling hard to pay my bills, afford the basics and help my mom since 2007. I am 37-years-old with six years of event convention experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. I studied business and I would like to grow into the events industry and working independent such as customer service, light office duties, a paid attendee, greeter, usher, and VIP type of events. I enjoy working in this industry. I am registered with a lot of employment agencies, but they don’t keep me busy and some of them play too many games and politics. I am too experienced and creative for their nonsense. I want to be independent and hopefully turn my skills into a small business opportunity where I can help a struggling, underemployment individual like myself in the near future. It’s very hard, and I need great feedback on a positive and outstanding solution that’s going to work. I am tired of spending time, money, and energy on creative ways of improvement without a different result such as social networking, job fairs, transportation, and researching. I want to be free from this poverty plantation of running out of food, unable to pay bills, help my mother, and not being able to afford the basics (transportation) and etc. I want to be happy, healthy and be successful in life. Do you have any feedback? Thank you!

A TDL Reader