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Daily Share – Feeling Lonely In A Room Full Of People

TDL_FB-iconThis feels so silly, why would someone be interested in what i have to say? I just need to get it off my chest…

Two years ago i met a new nice friend during my tango class, we had a very interesting conversation about life and spirituality and he told me how the thing he misses most in our society is the human touch. I got scared and said something stupid about hugs being prescribed for depression and more scientific nonsense and then ran away, for the rest of the year I used our meeting as a joke to tell my friends about odd things that happen to me, by the way, I never saw this person again.

Now two years later i am living in another country, on another continent, working for a prestigious university, in a town where everyone is super confident, using every opportunity to tell the world how successful they are, where I am entirely ALONE. Last weekend I cried myself to sleep because i realized that for the entire weekend I haven’t spoken to anyone and that I am longing to be hugged. Nothing more or less but just a genuine long hug that says, i have been there I will hold you until you get strength to get back on your feet again and can continue walking. A hug that says I’m human too and I need you as much as you need me and thats OK. A hug that says, I accept you and tolerate you, fully you with your shape and thoughts, I hug you for the days you are happy and confident and spreading light and warmth wherever you go but also for the days when you feel smaller then a poppy seed and in a need of a cocoon. I miss the human in being human and I miss the human touch. So to the friend i left long ago, I’m so sorry i didn’t understand you then, now I know how it feels to be lonely in a room full of people.

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