Daily Share – Grateful For The Kindness Of Friendship!

So many of us are looking for true love that we often take for granted the power of real deep platonic love. This week showed me the joy of friendships and I felt it in my gut. In this was a difficult week. My father passed away 3 years ago and this week was his birthday and my parents anniversary. I was flooded with memories and emotions. My friends took care of me, stood with me and distracted me. At the same time, someone in our community lost a child and I witnessed the love of community members who gathered to help the grieving parents. I am grateful to this kindness that is shown in friendship.

A TDL Reader

  • Rex

    That`s beautiful! Thank you for sharing and reminding us of it.

  • <3

    “So many of us are looking for true love that we often take for granted the power of real deep platonic love.” I absolutely love this! I salute you for accepting the love from your friends and recognizing that their love is also food for your soul. Love is all around us every day, all day. When we are being love, as opposed to being caught up in the search or pursuit, the love around us becomes much clearer to see and to feel. Thank you!

  • Eliz-munro

    I have just been shopping . I go out each day just to have something to do. Changed days!it would be good to meet some one to spend time with-even doing nothing!

    • susanJOY

        I have just said a prayer that you meet someone on your travels out who can be a good friends and companion for you. now lets pray for another person as well and a third. After my breakdown 10 years ago I started making friends and renewing friendships. I am blessed with many now. I hope you are blessed too.
      lots of love from susanJOY

  • Amosell

    this is true love

  • Renpic

    I’m sorry to hear about your father.  That must be the most difficult time.  I have been thinking more and more lately about being grateful for the love that comes from friendship.  I am so blessed to have some great friends in my life who make my heart warm and support me through everything.  I don’t know where I’d be without them.   Remember this abundance!