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Daily Share – How Can I Find Happiness Within Myself?

TDL_FB iconHappiness: What does it mean & how does it feel to be happy within yourself?

I’ve been on my spiritual journey for the past three years & Mastin’s articles have been of great help. At times I feel like his articles are talking to me about something I’m struggling with. For me this is a sure sign the Uni-verse has my back. I’m very grateful for The Daily Love 🙂

Currently I’m at a spiritual block & hopefully you can help me. I’m feeling a sense of void within my heart & I’ve narrowed it down to not feeling happy within myself without external factors. A lot of things have gotten really good in my life so I should feel happy but I don’t & I try to create happiness from external factors. On weekends I’ll plan meals sometimes unhealthy (I know it’s not good but it makes me happy) or I get really happy when my favorite TV show is on. External based happiness doesn’t last long. At times I feel like I’ll be so happy when I finish my Bachelor’s degree or when I reach my fitness goal. Planning my happiness on food is unhealthy but planning my happiness upon an accomplishment like a college degree is positive. They are both external & not internal. I’m totally stuck on this one & I’m searching hard to feel lasting happiness within myself. Hopefully you can shine some light on what it feels like to be happy from within or how to be happy within.

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