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Daily Share – How Do I Keep My Cool Around Toxic People?

TDL_FB-iconHi all!

I’m having a spiritual dilemma.

I am a singer/songwriter embarking on the interesting journey of making my music heard by a vast amount of people. I’m finding it disheartening, though, because the music industry is wrought with people with a lot of toxic attitudes. They are RUN by their ego, 100%. I’m finding that a lot of people I’m surrounding myself with suffer from these limiting beliefs, self worth issues, and a thirst for fame and approval. This is bothering me because it’s starting to rub off on me. I’m routinely laughed at or looked at weird when I say things like “The Uni-verse will forge a path for me.”

They are of the belief that the music industry works a certain way, and if you don’t do X, Y and Z, you won’t make it- which to me is putting limits on the Uni-verse. A lot of people are telling me to change my music, change my appearance, or change my personality, and while I can see how that could MAYBE help, I’m finding it is making me very upset.

I really do believe I can do things MY OWN WAY, and that the Uni-verse WILL rise up to meet me where I am. It knows my desires.

How do I reconcile this?! I understand music is a business, and business requires logic. But music is such a spiritual thing to me, I just don’t want to put it in some music industry prison with all these rules and egos.

What can I do to keep my spiritual cool while working around these toxic people???

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