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Daily Share – How Do I Love Unconditionally?

I am struggling right now with addiction. I have had issues with food and sex, TV and other diversions. Lots of different things to try to fill the void. I feel like I have made a lot of progress in the last several years. I have read most of the works of Wayne Dyer and I am so grateful for the great lessons he has taught me. Also for Oprah. I admire her for the change she is bringing to the world. I know I am very close to something big. I know what I should be doing to live my purpose. I am a chef and have developed a lot of great healthy recipes. I have been developing a holistic approach to losing weight that will help people heal their lives, and the weight loss will be a wonderful side effect.

I am frustrated that I still struggle to let go of my addictions. I know that I am a good person but most of the things I’m addicted to hold a lot of underlying selfishness. I am afraid to give freely and love freely without expecting or wanting something in return. My family is on the verge of collapse and by coming here I hope to gain the focus, the strength, and the courage to take the final leap of faith and truly surrender to this way of living that I know is the right way to live, and to be.

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