Daily Share – I Have Put Everything On The Line!

TDL_FB iconI am a 42-year-old mother, wife, daughter, sister, business owner, friend and I have put EVERYTHING on the line… my husband and I have owned our own business that has had its highs and lows for the past 17 years. Knowing that we would either have to shut it down or change it fast, we decided to gamble on our “big idea” and take it as far as we could. We launched a “Kickstarter” campaign to put the idea out in the world and waited anxiously… by day five, we realized it was very unlikely that we would see it to our goal – these campaigns are very “all or nothing.”

My husband is a very emotionally driven man – he is a brilliant artist and creator and I have to hold down the emotional fort so to speak… I encouraged him to keep it going, see what happens and what doors might open… all the while, my amazing husband keeps on – not only as he developed the project, but he decided to release it for anyone to try via our website. Feedback has been amazing – people understand what the product can offer and they are just as confused and disappointed that it hasn’t seen the immediate success that many other projects have.

But I am ok with this… what this decision has done has brought my family closer together, my boys are aware of the financial risks we have made and they work hard to help design the product and share it with their friends, teachers and coaches… my husband and I have traded fear for belief and are purpose driven and aware of where we are going with our lives… company aside, project aside; family, love, connectedness and knowing the possibility of what we can create makes me wonder – why have I waited so long to put it all on the line?

The platform to put out our project has opened many doors that would not have happened otherwise, and although it may not come through the channel that we started down – it will bring us to where we need to be.

What makes me happy – what makes me come alive, is knowing the power of what we are creating and how it can change and empower everyone’s lives… I have been contacted by schools, teachers, educators and I know in the depths of my soul that this is where it needs to be – and I will bring it, and my family will bring it, and my amazing husband – who has always been “bringing it” will be able to turn to his side and see that his wife is in step, BRINGING IT!!

A TDL Reader

  • That’s awesome!!!  Keep going!  Like you said, I agree that as long as you BELIEVE in something, you’ll see it come to fruition.  Sooner or later.  Of course we all want “sooner,” but alas, things happen for a reason in their own time.  Keep at it and you will be rewarded!  One way or another!  I felt similarly with my decision to leave my full-time good-paying job to be a writer.  I’ve self-published 4 books and am working on my 5th.  I’m proud of what I’ve put out there so far and am excited about my current book.  But the financial success hasn’t hit me yet.  I’m still working odd jobs and part-time jobs here and there.  And pulling money out of savings each month to make ends meet.  But I’m genuinely HAPPY with my life.  I’m loving what I’m doing.  I created my life and I love it!  The financial success will come.  Just as it will for you! 
    I commend you for the courage to keep going, in the face of uncertainty!  It takes guts!  🙂


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    I absolutely love this blog. Please email me so I can learn more about your product. Thank you for writing this!
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