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Daily Share – I Miss True Intimacy

TDL_FB-iconI wanted to share a bit of what has seemingly challenged me for quite awhile…

First off, I have been married and I have had several long term relationships. I understand that the path we are all on is about loving ourselves, listening to our hearts, not thinking another person can fulfill us, etc. I put a lot of importance on communication, working together yet allowing the other person to be who they are.

However, a lasting and lifelong relationship that will allow us both to grow as individuals as well as together, has eluded me.

I am 62, at this stage, I would like to have a life partner to share my life and goals with. It is difficult to find someone who wants to grown and learn and make themselves and a relationship stronger, better and healthy. I have proven I can do things alone, go places, achieve things. I am grateful for what I have, and don’t crave money , power, etc. It feels like The Uni-verse doesn’t want me to have someone to love and be loved with. I miss true intimacy of souls.

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