Daily Share – I Miss True Intimacy

TDL_FB-iconI wanted to share a bit of what has seemingly challenged me for quite awhile…

First off, I have been married and I have had several long term relationships. I understand that the path we are all on is about loving ourselves, listening to our hearts, not thinking another person can fulfill us, etc. I put a lot of importance on communication, working together yet allowing the other person to be who they are.

However, a lasting and lifelong relationship that will allow us both to grow as individuals as well as together, has eluded me.

I am 62, at this stage, I would like to have a life partner to share my life and goals with. It is difficult to find someone who wants to grown and learn and make themselves and a relationship stronger, better and healthy. I have proven I can do things alone, go places, achieve things. I am grateful for what I have, and don’t crave money , power, etc. It feels like The Uni-verse doesn’t want me to have someone to love and be loved with. I miss true intimacy of souls.

A TDL Reader

  • Toi Iamdboss Pollard

    Maybe the relatipnship u really need to seek out is the one with God first. Not trying to get all religious on you or anything but sometimes we forget about our creator. We do not acknowledge him and we go ob in lives as if He does not exist and in truth He is the one we really need to be connecrwd with fir the rwal answers to all our problems. Seek God firt. (Matthew 6:33) I cannotsee what I am typing. So please excuse the typos.

  • Kath222

    Hello there my dear,
    I think you need to have faith. To look at the world with fresh eyes. To realize that you do not have all the answers, even with your 62 years of life experience. You will never have all the answers, none of us will. There will always be newness, there will always be growth, there will always be unexplored horizons just awaiting your entry. Unexpected surprises await around every corner.

    You say “It is difficult to find someone…” If you believe it is difficult to find someone, then that is the belief that you will manifest. How many billions of people live on this earth? You may not have found the life partner you want yet, but that doesn’t mean your partner is not out there! Try to have some faith that this partner is out there and is looking for you, just you as you are looking for him or her. And that God/the Divine/All That Is/ will bring you together in perfect timing.

    Don’t look to the past, have faith in the future. You have so much wise and valuable experience behind you. By knowing what you don’t want in relationship, you know better what you DO want. All experience is valuable.

    Can you have trust and faith that your heart’s desire will come to you? That you CAN have someone to love and be loved with? Can you believe this now? It is true – trust it. Your life partner is out there. Your life partner wants to be with you, just as much as you want to be with them.

    Follow your own bliss and be happy in your own company. Doing this creates a space for more love to enter. Realize that you are the source of love. Through you, love flows out into the universe. Be in the flow of love. Allow love to flow back to you. Keep the faith.

    We are
    here to love but not to lose ourselves completely in love. Even in long
    term relationships, it’s important to practice letting go and taking
    time out to honour yourself. You should still follow your own bliss and
    be able to be happy in your own company. Doing this creates a space
    for more love to enter. – See more at:
    http://www.astrologyknight.co.uk/love-healer/#sthash.mEwrT5zz.dpufI wish you love. Blessings to you on your journey.

  • JustMe

    Dear, TDL
    I hear you. Having just turned 66 this week, I know exactly what you are talking about and while it may be fine for people (generally younger) to say “well, you just have to get out there and MEET someone’, that it much harder said than done particularly if you don’t live in a large city, are retired or tend to be a homebody. Sure, I think we both understand the need to move out of our comfort zones, of loving ourselves, etc. etc. but it seems to me the older I become, the more invisible I become.
    Like you I have everything in life I need but those essential ingredients – love and intimacy. I volunteered at non-profits and charities to the point where I no longer wish to be used as unpaid labor because I have grey hair and a good heart; I’ve joined online dating sites only to be deluged by 32 year olds who claim to ‘love older women” and men my age who seem just to be looking for someone to ‘own’; then add to that the feeling that time is running out and oh, boy…..yes, I hear you.

    My new theory is ‘I’ve looked for Prince Charming for years….now, he can look for ME for a change” and I’m in the process of trying to release control and of ‘accepting’ and surrendering to the wisdom of the Universe…..if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t perhaps it’s not meant to be.

    I once had one truly wonderful love in my life that I foolishly sent away to please children (who were gone anyway in a couple of years to their own lives!) so I have beautiful memories and the wisdom now, hopefully to make better choices for myself in present and future and two years ago (yes, I was 64, so have faith, my dear) I had a marvelous ‘fling’ that shook me out of a 16 year ‘stupor’….so while he is gone, he showed me that I’m not dead yet and that there is hope and showed me that for me at least I like life better when it’s shared.

    I don’t know what the answer is for us, other than to keep having faith. I find it goes easier when I just allow myself to float on the current for as long as it takes for something to appear on a shore that is worth swimming against the current for.

    Hugs and good luck to you. Have faith.