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Daily Share – I Need Help To Regain My Sanity And Balance!

TDL_FB-iconI recently had to end my 27 year marriage. I feel overwhelmed many times throughout my day, but realize this is the healthiest decision I need to make for myself. My husband had many secrets due to an addictive personality and he became toxic thus his behavior towards me became emotionally abusive.

His lies, betrayal and porn addiction ruined my once happy marriage. His mental games have been the most damaging and I am finding it difficult trusting everyone around me. He has moved on with a new woman but tells me he still loves me but is not sorry for anything and justifies his behavior on is job pressures and life events. This makes no sense to me and I do not recognize any of this as love.

He tried individual counseling only to tell me that all this is due to an anxiety disorder and dissociation where he checks-out mentally. He has all of this but no longer feels he needs counseling or any other treatment now. He got a new job in a different state and has moved on with someone else and seems happy and I feel like a train wreck!

He left our business, so now I have to look for another job, which I have not had much luck with. He left me in a house that is going into foreclosure and I have no money. Our son just graduated high school and is still living at home with me. I also take care of my 90 year old father and my mother passed away in January. I need help to move forward and regain my sanity and balance. Thank you!

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