Daily Share – I Put My Butt On The Line For My Dream!

All right so here it goes…….

I put my butt on the line for my dream and moved from Boston to Los Angeles. I had just enough money to hold for three months and was not able to get a job so, henceforth, was homeless sleeping in the back of a theater in Santa Monica! I have sense landed a job, and in my time here, I’ve realized that I am all wrong for CA and CA is all wrong for me as I do not drive and do not care to. I am now stuck in L.A. until I can get to NYC to once again follow my dream of acting!

I struggle with all the talk about “everything happens for a reason.” I still don’t know what to take away from being homeless, and chances are that I could repeat the whole process again in NYC if I do not get a job in four months. Though I am willing and have always been willing to put it all on the table for my dream of acting on stage/film and will make the move, is being homeless part of the plan?

I want to believe and be positive but seems life tries very hard otherwise.

A TDL Reader


  • Hope

    Here are some great actresses/singers who were homeless at one time:
    Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Kelly Clarkson, Ella Fitzgerald, Eartha Kitt, Debbie Reynolds, Sylvester Stallone, Daniel Craig, Jim Carrey, David Letterman and Sam Worthington.

    I know there is probably nothing I can say to make you feel better but trust your voice within. Don’t give up on your dream. It will happen. 

    Look at what you are going through as a strength. Not everyone has that experience. Draw strength from your situation and use it to push you forward. The sky is the limit.

    I believe in you!

  • Where you are – in every moment – is where you’re mean to be. You are so brave, strong, and courageous for choosing to follow your dream. Getting there is not magic – it is hard work. Keep trusting that whisper within you that says, “I rock and I can do this!” Because you do and you can.

    Sending lots of love and blessings your way! xoxo 

  • Drew

    Its painful to know that you are homeless.. Im so sorry to hear that you have to endure that. And- in being in this experience, is it possible to take a look at it from the perspective of “Ive hit a rock bottom,.. I can only go up from here.” That meaning..? Give it a different meaning (even though its sh**ty right now,.) Give out that thought to the Universe, take action and watch what unfolds? Youre still here, your with us and your strong. That should account for something!
    Stay Strong!

  • You’re very brave to have put it all out there. You’ve done more than a lot of people have ever done, and are too scared to even try to do.  Some people are too scared to even think of that kind of change and risk. You’re really fantastic and an inspiration -the things you’ve learned and experienced can not be taught they have to be done. You’re great, don’t let the blues get you –  you’ve accomplished a lot.

  • Svenya

    I too am here in LA from the east coast with no way of getting home even if I tried. The truth is that we’re stuck here for a reason and our faith is being put to the test. Gather your strength and know that you haven’t been forgotten.

    The authentic part about LA is that it’s full of risk takers. Some are benefiting the risks gone well and some are at the lowest point of a risk gone bad. But here, it’s about constant risk taking until something works.

    Everyday before looking for work and starting my day, I read The Daily Love for motivation and many times during the day when I’m silent, our Creator shows me things and teaches me lessons that show me that I’m still being watched over.

    Change your mindset and decide that you’re still here so now’s the time to find out why.

    You got this.

  • Fleuramis

    Follow your heart, believe, if New York is what you think is right then so be it, just breathe, then help someone today! You won’t feel so alone, trust me. Keep going, your living your passion!

  • Elixabeth

    I for one admire your courage and conviction.

    I recently met the man of my dreams while searching for a
    guitarist to start a band with. Not without it’s own struggles (the
    relationship and getting our songwriting flow to where it is now) but the
    dynamic of motivation and determination (and love) between us is perfect- and although I have had other songwriting partners and bands in the past, for once I
    truly believe in our music and that it will make people feel- that it will lift them up.
    So we are about to throw a huge investment into doing a self-funded tour next

    I’m working two jobs to save up for it, plus band practices
    and song writing every day.

    Everyone thinks we are either crazy to put money into
    something so uncertain, or they just think it won’t happen.

    But working toward this, even working this hard and being
    this tired, I feel better and I feel more clarity in my purpose than I ever
    have in my life.

    I guess what I’m saying is that you are not alone, there are
    other people running whole heartedly after their dreams. And really, what would you
    rather be doing?

    When I get lowdown and blue and feel like I might be doing
    the wrong thing, that’s what I ask myself. What would I rather be doing? And
    the answer is, nothing.

    Will the tour be like flushing all that money down the
    toilet? Maybe we will come home broke. But it could NEVER be a waste. Because I’d
    do it for free anyways, for the rest of my life.

    Would you act for free?

    If you would, then it is worth it. Maybe being homeless is
    one of the life experiences that is going to make you a great actor.  Use it. Use it all to propel yourself forward in your craft.
    Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

  • I too have been struggling trying to make a move. I have lived in LA all my life. I have never lived in a place the serves me and my wants and dreams. As you said, LA is not the place for me. My destination is Sedona. I am stuck as well. I live in a rented house that I hate yet I can’t afford to move anywhere. My point is I understand. I recently noticed something. I have a large family some are very wealthy and some are extremely poor. I go on the poor list. Same with my friends. Both my sisters are very wealthy and live lavish lifestyles. It is nothing to them to go to dinner 3-4 night a week and spend 3-4 hundred dollars on a meal. They travel to Europe or somewhere at least 5 trip a year. They spend a couple hundred dollars a week on their hair and nails. I could not be more opposite. I think painting your nails is silly and they spend on one outfit what I would spend 5 years for clothing. I could care less, I wear jeans and whatever is comfortable. When I look at my poor family and friends every single one of them have some sort of strong passion. We are all creative or spiritual and we all have big dreams. We also have big hearts and know who we are and have strong morals. We would be the ones to give what we don’t have to spare. The wealthy ones do not help any of us even a little and their lives are very shallow to me. They don’t have close relationships. They are always put into social situations and have to act a certain way. I don’t thing they know who they really are. Maybe that is how it works Those of us with dreams are challenged to get them. But we do get there eventually because we go through heart breaking times. It makes us go deeper within ourselves and when you do become an actor you will not be good you will be magical and because it was so hard to get there you will experience bliss. Sorry for the rant but I hope that it helps you believe that your destiny is to be an actor and you WILL.. So here are some idea’s:
    1…. Start sending out resumes now and see if you can secure a job before you go.
    2….Look up info on securing a position as an extra.
    3…http://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-type/acting-scholarships/……. Loans and scholorships for actors. 
    4. http://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-type/acting-scholarships/…….loans for moving
    5…https://www.facebook.com/joel.carpenter.themobilestore   This is a guy that lives in new york and has a business that services elderly people. It sounds like he needs to have plenty on hand to do many different things…Ask him…Maybe he could use your services
    Depending on your religion I may be able to get you some phone numbers of people that I know that give money Grants. Free you don’t have to pay back. 
    I would start with this…..http://studentaid.ed.gov/types/grants-scholarships. There are  hundreds of grants available. I got two grants for a school that i worked for. There is free money set aside….i would start writing as many grants as I could…. 
    This was pretty long but I hope i helped. Get back to me and tell me a little more about yourself like education, other talents you have. i have more ideas. Where in LA do you live?

    Last……Never loose hope…you will get there! It will happen and you will do great! 
    Best Wishes…..

  • Ready

    im curious as to how you were able to get internet to write this ? 

  • Anjulie

    Dear Actor !

    As I have been in similar and repeating itself over and over again (the same) situations, Icame through some “law of attraction” technics to the following:
    – I always wasted all my energy in the No. 1 great big goal or issue,….
    That’s too much and too exhausting in the long run, just back yourself up with the smaller things first, you’ll need anyways to get “the show running” as an actor.
    I am currently working on my own foundation and every little achievement boosts me into the direction of my real dream life.
    Much love to you,   Anjulie

  • miche_baby

    The uni-verse is working! It’s almost as if I was meant to read your post and comment about it.  EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.  It’s my favorite quote.  I believe it whole-heartedly. I could go on and on about how its been proven in my life but this is about you! 

    Being homeless isn’t what you’re meant to be or suffer from.  But there are lessons that you are learning throughout all of this that will help you exponentially and you probably would have never learned otherwise!  Have faith!  You’re already doing the work.  Think positive and live in positivity and all the awesome things you want and deserve will present themselves hidden behind doors you never knew were there.  

    It takes a strong and motivated person to do what you’re doing and your lessons now will help you make your dream happen and KEEP IT ALIVE.

    Everything happens for a reason.. and it only takes one.

    One chance, one meeting, one hello, one smile, one stage, one picture … etc.. 

  • Carol

    Hey Actor,

    I can only add my voice in support of what you are doing. I too am working towards my creative dream and am facing almost daily opposition from a family member who thinks I am delusional to do what I do.
    All I can say is what else would you do? The majority of people would rather have ‘security’ provided by working in a job they hate with people they have no time for. They are the ones who will die with their dreams.
    What you have now is a temporary pain. Your performances will be better for it and your success
    more cherished.
    I wish you well. Have faith. Life is carving your path not following the herd.

  • Michelle Furtado

    I totally recommend you read The Alchemist, if you haven’t already. Its hard to get perspective when things seem really terrible but just keep faith that everything that is happening is all necessary for your destination.
    Always remember, the uni-verse has your back, it is desperate to help you – you just have to believe. Believe with the strength of a million rhinos!
    Good luck! See you on the big screen soon :o)

  • I moved to LA to pursue my dreams in photography and film, as so many of us do and quickly became homeless as well. For 2 years I bounced around floors, couches and sleeping in my car around LA.  By the grace of God I have had a roof over my head for the past 2 years now and through my spiritual practice am able to be at peace with what is. Keep dreaming and release your attachment to all outcome. Take massive action towards what you want and enjoy the journey – it may make for a great book one day! If you are still around, I am willing to donate a photoshoot for you to get new headshots when you are able to shoot. Maybe TDL can set it up since the post was anonymous. TheSkyWasNeverTheLimit.com – Good luck on your journey and let me know if I can be of assistance along the way. Chris

  • AYP–tc

    Hi “A TDL Reader.”  I am only one voice…so take it for what that is worth.  TRUST YOUR HEART FIRST!!  My question is, “What did you learn?”  or “How have you grown?”  From what little I learned (practically nothing) from what you wrote about your experiences, I would say your yearning to go to LA was STRONG. Life showed you what it was like…and it wasn’t “your cup of tea.”  No worries.  Curiosity satified.  Back on track now. You have a renewed LOVE of NYC.  “Everything happens for a reason?”  to learn to love and appreciate NYC?  I don’t know…I’ve never been to NYC  (but would love to visit). It’s a struggle between the mind and spirit…percieved social success versus…true spiritual growth…ONLY YOU know the answer!  Love, light and hugs–tc AYP–AchieveYourPassion.

  • jule

    Thank you to everyone who responded to this post. I am not its author. But i am impressed by all the comments to this Daily Share and think wholeheartedly that the response by this community is awesome. It’s amazing. YOU are amazing, thank you.

  • linda

    Life is a school.   I have made many choices and have had varying consequences.  Through it all I have learned humility i.e. being “right sized”.  One thing, i have learned is to watch my expectations.  The thing, for me, is I have listened to the still quiet voice within, and I have not listened to the still quiet voice within.  I am no longer willing to pay the price fornot listening to it.  I  have certainly learned alot about myself thru ALL consequences.   You seem courageous.  I learned through trial and error that I can TRUST that no matter what happens I will be okay.

  • LA

    Actually mistook your story for a friend’s who’d moved from Boston to LA for acting! Well, it may be comforting to know you’re not the only one.

    Being without housing sounds like it was very scary and depressing. It sucks to move across country and find out that it’s not what you had hoped.

    It’s good to follow your river of energy – what makes you feel alive
    and interested. Everybody’s river of energy is different and only you
    know what it is.

    If NY draws you, you might want to look into it, maybe planning things
    out more in order to reduce risk :p … Yeah driving everywhere in LA
    isn’t the most pleasant thing, that is a great thing about NY.

    Another story that might help – I used to be a serious job hopper,
    hoping – with each new job – that I’d finally find happiness. But when
    I’d get to the new job, I’d find my situation to be almost identical
    to the one had hoped to have left behind. Then I hit absolute bottom,
    as I think I mentioned to you a few times in the past – felt like was
    a zombie or like I was being buried alive –
    so I quit my job, stopped job hunting, and dedicated the next few
    years to emotional and spiritual healing. This isn’t everybody’s path
    for sure, but for me, am so glad I made that decision. I was following
    my river of energy.

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. As someone who’s been there, I’d
    say that if you follow your own river of energy – it will lead you to
    the right place. 

  • Margueta562

    All I can say is Passion, Preparation and Persistance is all you need!

  • Loretta Shaw

    We must BE CLEAR and FOCUSED… about our intention and dreams to get our needs completely met.  Sometime it means going through adversities to let the universe know how bad you desire what you seek. STAY STRONG! If not, this old world and the people in it, will take you in and spit you out. What is yours is out there waiting on YOU to show up. Life is Good! Enjoy your journey.