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Daily Share – I Put My Butt On The Line For My Dream!

All right so here it goes…….

I put my butt on the line for my dream and moved from Boston to Los Angeles. I had just enough money to hold for three months and was not able to get a job so, henceforth, was homeless sleeping in the back of a theater in Santa Monica! I have sense landed a job, and in my time here, I’ve realized that I am all wrong for CA and CA is all wrong for me as I do not drive and do not care to. I am now stuck in L.A. until I can get to NYC to once again follow my dream of acting!

I struggle with all the talk about “everything happens for a reason.” I still don’t know what to take away from being homeless, and chances are that I could repeat the whole process again in NYC if I do not get a job in four months. Though I am willing and have always been willing to put it all on the table for my dream of acting on stage/film and will make the move, is being homeless part of the plan?

I want to believe and be positive but seems life tries very hard otherwise.

A TDL Reader