Daily Share – I Want To Make A Difference

TDL_FB-iconI’m always half in, or not in at all.

I don’t like to commit to anything. Not people, not places, not things. I feel like I am here to help the world in a big way, but how can I help it if I can’t stay with anything consistently?

How can I help it if I don’t really think it’s that important?

I want to see people always with compassion, grace and understanding. I want to use my words always to uplift, encourage and strengthen, never tear town, judge, or devalue. I want to stand on a mountain and speak the truth, not hide in a valley in a still water puddle of dirty emotional water. I feel within me a Great Leader wanting to come forth.

A TDL Reader

  • It sounds to me like you need to find *your* cause that you WANT to commit to. You seem to have great drive and self-motivation, but are feeling a bit lost right now, which is why you’re having trouble committing to anything. You’re not sure what you want, aside from knowing you have a voice within you and a strong desire to do good and help people.

    I can relate to you. I’m 36 now, and for pretty much my whole life I’ve had committment issues too. At times, though, I’ve dive in head first, and be ALL in…only to get burned out or disenchanted and then get out completely and move on to the next thing.

    I think in today’s world, and especially for young people (I’m guessing you’re even younger than me, though I don’t know that for sure), we are presented with SO MANY choices, it’s overwhelming, and I think, leads to committment issues. We’re afraid to commit to X, because in the back of our minds, we’re afraid Y might be better. We don’t want to lock ourselves into anything or feel stuck. I know that’s how I feel. The world is our oyster… but what do we do?

    My advice is to follow your heart. Do what you feel interested in doing. Pursue things. When you go far along down a given path to know it’s not the path for you after all, choose a different path. You CAN do different things. I think a lot of people beleive they have to make a choice and then stick with it, especially in terms of jobs. That’s why people feel so much pressure to go to college, choose the right major, get the right job, etc. But you CAN make a change! You CAN do multiple things in your life!

    So right now, what’s one thing, or 5 things, that interest you? Don’t worry WHAT it is. For me, I had wanted to be a waitress. I know, sounds silly (especially given that I have a college degree). But what can I say, it appealed to me on some level. When I was in between jobs, I pursued that interest and got a waitressing job. I did it 3 months, then that was enough. Lol. But I’m glad I did it! I learned a lot and I’m a great tipper now!

    My point is, it’s YOUR path, and YOUR life. What do YOU want to do? And remember to give yourself permission to change! Take new paths. Try new things. I feel you’ll never know for sure if something is good for you until you DO it. You may love it and stick with it for years, or just a few months. Doesn’t really matter, to be honest. It’s in the journey that we discover our true selves and what we’re truly meant to do in this world. Keep going on your journey! Keep trying things! Follow the passion!

    In peace and love,

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you, Sarah, for sharing this thoughtful and in-depth insight with our fellow Daily Lover!! We appreciate you! -TDL Team