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Daily Share – I’m In Financial Recovery

TDL_FB-icon2013 is coming to an end and it was full of many pivotal moments. The biggest was losing a tremendous amount of money due to choices in the stock market. Enough at 45 I am starting all over to get my financial footing, this was not the first time that this happened. I AM not going to be placing what money I have left at risk any longer and I do not have much. There is also debt to pay off which I am focusing on every day to minimize. I am making strides on this. I am not proud of my financial situation considering I have been making a very good living since I was 25. By now I could have had financial freedom and I am living on a budget to take care of my primary responsibilities. I still have a well paying job which I am thankful for, yet it is not what I want to continue to do for 20 more years.

I have a great deal of faith and this area of finance really tests it.

Being a single man, this shakes my confidence that a woman would not want to entertain being in a relationship with me as I am in a place of financial recovery. This is keeping me away from being free to date and I still carry a big dream of be a loving husband and father. I pray every day that this will happen and for now I am taking care of me. This has been in my space about self-doubt for quite a long time so I am forgiving myself for the financial challenges I put myself through.

I am writing this as I am tired of thinking about it. It’s very painful to go through this. I am not waiting for 2014 for my freedom to begin, I may have less money now but I have more awareness of what not to do going forward.

A TDL Reader

  • debs

    Sounds like you have a great attitude and are on your path. The woman whose heart matches yours in your state of being won’t care about money, but will love you unconditionally. It will be a connection that can’t be denied….so believe it will happen! I wish you well and send blessings your way that your dream of being a husband and father finds you very soon ;0)

    • PalmofTre

      Well said! I have a job that does not pay well, yet by grace, I make rent every month. The latter half of this year has sent my budget in a downward spiral due to major medical expenses. My family, ex-husband and fair weather friends ran away, yet those who truly care and love me ran TO me. Yes, as you begin your recovery in every way, the woman you may hold in your arms one day will look in your eyes and heart and not your 401K! Blessings!

      • The Daily Love

        Thank you for sharing, PalmofTre. Your words are so kind!!
        -Team TDL

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for reading and for your kind words, Debs!!!
      -Team TDL

  • Signe

    I know how scary and painful this situation is from personal experience. You have a good-paying job and sound so solid in your resolve to turn things around. There are so many valuable people in this world with less than voluptuous bank accounts. Look at yourself from afar, wouldn’t you have compassion for that man? I know I do. You are so much more than a bank account. I have a feeling that this experience will be the making of an even better man with a broader view of life and more to offer the family that is sure to come. Godspeed.

    • The Daily Love

      Such a good reality check, Signe. Thank you for the reminder that our bank accounts do not define us as individuals!
      -Team TDL

  • http://inspiremecafe.com/ Amanda Rivera

    I feel as if the past couple of years have been this massive test for all of humanity, to get us to answer the question: “What really matters in my life?”

    I understand where you are coming from, from a financial standpoint, (I’m 23 years old with enough student loan debt to purchase a house with!), but at the end of the day I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes at a time when you should feel close to your financial freedom mark. I know that must be incredibly frustrating and I want to send you a million hugs! What I can say though is that even if you feel that you are lacking financially, you are expanding on the soul level.

    Every test in life is an opportunity for growth, and to offer an answer to another human being in a similar situation. There are days when I just stay in bed crying over my student loan debt, and there are days where I see it as a strange blessing that will allow me to grow and help other’s in a similar circumstance. Life can be a blessing or a torture chamber, but if you can try to see what the situation is teaching you on the soul level, maybe you’ll be able to fix it quicker than orignally planned.

    I wish you all the best of luck on your journey and I just lit a St. Jude prayer candle for you. (He’s the patron saint of difficult and desperate cases)

    Best of Love!