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Daily Share – It’s Hard To Move Forward

TDL_FB-iconDear TDL,

About 5 months ago my relationship with my military boyfriend ended because his orders changed and we would have extremely minimal contact with each other for two years. We initially broke up over the phone because he lived an hour away. He had to leave the state immediately as ordered, did not know when he would be back and would not have a chance to see me until he got back. Fortunately, he was back home a few weeks later and we were able to see each other in person. We had a very sweet, loving goodbye and told each other how much we love each other.

I also had a chance to see him again a few weeks after this. He was home for less than 24 hours and was a totally different person from who I ever knew. He was extremely rude, wanted me to hate him, told me not to miss him or care about him because he wanted me to move on since there would be no way he could be here for me right now. I could tell his meanness was a total act because we talked for a while, he had tears in his eyes and still gave me some really big hugs.

I’ve had such a hard time moving on because this change came on so suddenly and unexpectedly and it is not what either of us wanted to happen. He was not supposed to ever be deployed for that long. I know it was the best choice because a relationship can not work without communication, but I still love him, care about him, miss him so much and am always praying for his safety. It was simply a case of bad timing and I am having a hard time moving forward. I am living my life fully and doing my best to stay present in the now, but the grieving is difficult. I don’t know if or when I’ll hear from him again or if I’ll ever find that great of a love again.

A TDL Reader