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Daily Share – It’s Time To Start Focusing On ME

TDL_FB-iconMy boyfriend and I broke up last May. I found out that he had another lover when I check his cellphone without him knowing. I said sorry for checking his phone and ask him about it because I’m getting curious about the sweet message he was sending. The messages were so sweet that the endearment he used to call me was also the endearment he called to this other person.

We we’re on a date when I saw this and before we even went home, I decided to end our relationship.

He doesn’t want to end the relationship but I had made my final decision. I still love him despite everything but I know that I can’t trust him anymore. I have forgiven him for hurting me and I’m now in the process of moving on. It’s really hard to move on when all you had are beautiful memories. I don’t know if there’s a chance for us to become friends again, hopefully in The Uni-verse’s time, we can be friends again, because when I lost him, I also lost my best friend. I hope I can get through this and focus more on my dreams and goals. Thank you TDL 🙂

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