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Daily Share – Leaving Home For The Unknown…

In June of 2012, I graduated high school in a class of 42 students at a cutting edge school. I felt like I was always one of the students that was a “late bloomer” and that never really got my act together. So, I decided to defer my admission to my college and go on a gap year.

It is now November, and I graduated nearly four months ago. I have one month left of this gap semester, and I am terribly homesick–like the tears on international phone calls to my parents and friends because I miss them so much kind of homesick. I am at a point where I am in Thailand doing a homestay, and I am away from my group for the first time. I am living with a Thai family, and I just don’t get the same love I did when I was with everyone else. They were familiar, and they were my family. I am really having trouble of getting to the point where I’m comfortable in this homestay. I have no idea how to combat my homesickness, because these are really nice people and I do not want to offend them.

Sure, I only have seven days left of this homestay, but what happens after that? In college? After college? What do I do about leaving home and dealing with unfamiliar people and places when I have so much trouble dealing with it now?! I am worried about the future, and I just want to hug my parents.

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