Daily Share – Leaving Home For The Unknown…

In June of 2012, I graduated high school in a class of 42 students at a cutting edge school. I felt like I was always one of the students that was a “late bloomer” and that never really got my act together. So, I decided to defer my admission to my college and go on a gap year.

It is now November, and I graduated nearly four months ago. I have one month left of this gap semester, and I am terribly homesick–like the tears on international phone calls to my parents and friends because I miss them so much kind of homesick. I am at a point where I am in Thailand doing a homestay, and I am away from my group for the first time. I am living with a Thai family, and I just don’t get the same love I did when I was with everyone else. They were familiar, and they were my family. I am really having trouble of getting to the point where I’m comfortable in this homestay. I have no idea how to combat my homesickness, because these are really nice people and I do not want to offend them.

Sure, I only have seven days left of this homestay, but what happens after that? In college? After college? What do I do about leaving home and dealing with unfamiliar people and places when I have so much trouble dealing with it now?! I am worried about the future, and I just want to hug my parents.

A TDL Reader

  • Beccapastor

    Embrace your fear and it will subside. We all have fears and when we push them away- they increase in their intensity, the opposite of what we want.
    You sound like a very special person who is very in touch with his/ her feelings.
    You sound very blessed to have such a close network of friends and family.
    You will be with them again soon. Now is your time to give all that love you have to those around you today.
    Thank God for your blessings…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • Abriceno100

    I have lived in 4 different countries over several years and I will tell you that I have made the most amazing friendships with these people from other cultures. It was hard at first but so rewarding in the end. Many of my friends feel like family to me. I think you need to trust that there are souls out there trying to connect with you and that if you’re willing to open up, you will find the most incredible human connections. Good luck! 

  • Tiffany

    Abricen0100: It was a really good comment, and I definitely agree…However, I understand the authors point on homesickness…I am currently leaving away from home, and it is not the easiest feat…but is true, when you learn to open up-things can change for the better…

  • It’s awesome you went on such an epic trip, its a small percentage of people (your age at least) who get to do that! You didn’t know how it would feel, there is no RIGHT way for it to feel – and this is how it’s feeling for you…you’re homesick. So be it! You’re learning things deep in your bones through the courageous trip you took and the experiences you’ve been having. Your sore because you’re energetic ties are strung across the world and this is the first time they’ve stretched so far! When you return home, after some time, you’ll have a different perspective because of what you’re doing now (however big or small). Even though you’re homesick, you’re still doing something far out which is giving you something whether you can feel/understand that now or not. Just having had this experience will be an asset to you in figuring out each step to come on your life journey! It’s great. Safe travels!

  • Karen

    I moved 8 hours away from my family 17 yrs ago and for the first year or so, I missed them so much,  it was painful.
    Slowly, it began to subside and now it has proven to be the most amazing experience of my life…

  • NYmom

    I’m a mom with a daughter in college pretty far from home and your post pulls at my heart!   I want to say to you, “Wait, I’m getting in the car! I’ll be there in 12 hours to see you!”, and have you laugh, like she would, and say,”No that’s okay, mom!” But she feels better knowing that I WOULD come!  So know that there’s a mom in New York (and apparently a whole community here on line) who is thinking about you, feeling how scary it is to be alone, and sending you lots of love!!!!  You are awesomely brave to accomplish what you have already; if you weren’t at least a little homesick I would be worried!  Much love to you!

  • Alva Afridi

    Try as best you can-difficult I know-to take a deep breath and focus on the present moment. Trust yourself and know that your future is in good hands. Yours. You can do this. Just moment by moment. Most people say day to day. I say moment to moment. All we have is this present moment. Focus on it. Cherish it. One day this experience will be a fond memory. A memory from which you grew in a way that challenged you and you may realize that this specific experience was designed such that it is/was the best way for you to learn/have learned this lesson and gleaned this wisdom.

  • Ruby

    There is a longing, an ache, we all have let yourself feel it deeply it is for the ‘something’ not material, the Divine,  and reach out to others NOW…don’t wait!