Daily Share: Love Waiting!

Hi! I’m so happy to have stumbled across your site. I have a little story for you and would like to ask for some input…

I met this perfect guy just about 10 years ago. We were both dating other people at the time but instantly became friends. He had broken up with that girl and moved pretty far away. We still spoke a lot and became best of friends. I soon started dating someone else. He came to visit me and never said the words but knew he was falling for me. I was in love with someone else and didn’t give him the chance. Anyway, he was so far away, how could I ever be with him, I said to myself. Two years later I broke up with that guy and moved across the country, only hours away from where my best friend lives. He begged Me to move Closer to him but I knew I had to take this journey alone first. He understood as he always did. We lost touch for a few months. When we reconnected he informed me of this amazing girl he had met and she was moving in with him. He also informed me that he would be proposing to her the following weekend. Suddenly it hit me… I’m in love with my best friend!!! I was devastated. How could I not realize. What should I do? I realized I needed to tell him and I did. He said he was happy I told him because he finally knew how I felt and it wasn’t one sided. He said he would still marry her though. I avoided his phone calls because I didn’t want to interfere in their relationship.

A few months later we finally spoke again and I told him I still felt this way even after so long. He thought I was just feeling vulnerable and was surprised I still felt this way. We continued to talk once a week as we always did and then one day I decided to reiterate how I felt. He didn’t call me for about a month. I let him be and tried to manifest him coming back into my life by positive thinking & visualizing our perfect relationship. He then calls me and apologized for being such a bad friend. He explained that he wasn’t able to talk to me for a while because he couldn’t stop thinking about me and on top of that he was having serious problems with his fiancé. I was compassionate about what was going on and explained that I was there for him in every way I always have been.

We talked for about 2 hours each day for 2 days. He said that he wanted to start talking to me more than once a week as we were previously. Now, I haven’t heard from him in about 3 weeks. After the first day we spoke, his fiancé (who I never met or spoke to before) friended me on Facebook and wrote me a message saying that she hoped it didn’t creep me out but she knew I was good friends with “him”. I told him and he said that was weird because he hadn’t talked about me to her in a long time. I asked if there was any chance she went through his phone and he said no. The very next day she deleted me from Facebook. Weird!

Now going back about 5 years ago… We made a deal that if I wasn’t married by my 30th birthday, we would get married! We both remember very clearly and have joked about it recently. I’m going to the town he lives for my birthday and I’m actually supposed to see him. He wants me to meet his fiancé but I have no interest. I’m just not sure what to do anymore. I have been letting go and believing that the universe will bring us together at just the right moment. Should I call him? Would this be part of the letting go process? Should I tell him that I can’t even be friends with him until they split? I feel like I’m doing the right things as far as manifesting our relationship but I’m not sure what is holding this process up. Any suggestions?

Thank you for taking the time out to read my story and if you can, to answer my questions. I appreciate you all and I’m grateful for you sharing Your love with the world!

Thank you!

A TDL Reader

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  • noreasonnot2smile

    go with the heart. 

    if it doesnt feel ok you havent reached the end. if it does feel ok to leave words/feelings unconfessed then say it. 

    how bad it can get? the worst we know is just a rejection or no conclusion or a broken heart. and we know that broken hearts heal – with time. 

  • Whatwouldlovedo

    I read somewhere that if it is “meant to be” you not only know because you feel it, but also it is spiritually right and doesn’t break any moral code. Right now, he has a fiance which makes it not okay to pursue or give ultimatums. If you truly love him, and you know it is meant o be trust in your faith and in the process that first he must choose not to marry. It sounds like you have spoken the truth of your heart, be proud to have opened up so far to vulnerability. You will know regardless of what happens that you did ” your part” and should hve no regrets. The only regret that could come is from interfering so much as to make you then one to blame for his current relationship issues. You have been his support, that is what he has valued with you. Be love, choose love and be weary of acting out of fear. I feel where you are, and this will be one of the toughest challenges but there is light if you walk through to the otherside.