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Daily Share – Moving Away From Fear And Back Into Life!

I loved the message from Joey. I was never fearful before losing a job around 5 years ago. It truly left me with some serious fear, irrational fear, almost like PTSD. I have a truly terrific job now, but am going through a divorce which probably started as a result of that job loss. I realize now that I rocked the confidence and irreparably shook the bedrock of my soon-to-be ex. I own the job loss and that I was not a terrific spouse to her the last several years. I don’t blame, now, for her loss of love for me. I get it, I own it. Now, I can and am moving forward.

I am getting counseling, getting a terrific amount of support from my family, I actually have one of my kids living with me! It is awesome! I am moving away from fear and back into life. I am committed to being fear-free, a healthy loving Dad and a healthy loving partner in my next relationship.

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