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Daily Share – Much Gratefullness On This Monday!

Good Morning Mastin,

Several months ago my oldest daughter, Kristin (24) sent me your link. I was instantly hooked and have been your vessel to others since that day.

But only to take full advantage of your messages first. Pure selfishness on my part.

My reason for writing to you today is to send you a hug coated with a warmth of gratitude!!!

Let me start with giving you a picture of myself and my life.

I’m a 51 year old single mom of 12 years raising 4 teenage daughters. Ages 15, 18, 20 and 24. Not the easiest emotional and mental road to take.

I live in Texas, in a city which offers free saunas and high caloric restaurants. I have been blessed with finical stability to enable me to pursue a comfortable lifestyle.

Thanks to my father’s hard work ethic and success, he left me with a tempting, alluring pond to swim in. I have tried to follow his current however over the years I have found myself drowning and no one is around to pull me out or throw me a raft. I know I can swim even against the strongest of currents. The waters push and pull me in different directions, while the clarity around me has become clouded, all of which have left me treading water with my eyes closed.

The good or The Uni-verse in all of this sailing journey is that when I go below the surface of the moving waters which are pulling me in all directions, I am fully saturated with silence that allows me to see myself and move about in any direction like a jellyfish. However the jellyfish has no backbone or structure. I believe the forces of the environment plays a big role in how this creature maintains a lifestyle. Not a pretty creature, with a big sting and a worthless existence. Yet the beauty here is that The Uni-verse created this sea animal as a part of Its higher plan. There is a purpose this water ballerina. The ocean is its recital.

So, yesterday I woke up to your wonderful enlightenment to Caroline Myss. The Uni-verse had me read your words only seconds before Oprah’s show was to start. I am not a big TV fan however I became an instant Sunday morning bed bug and my play back button got the work out instead of my body.

Mastin, I know The Uni-verse has a big purpose for my life!!! I have been drowning in a wealth of materialism and contaminated society wastefulness. But today I have not only jump-started my desire to live my purpose to its fullest, but to find my soulmate, (signed up for the online soulmate journey).

My last thoughts to you, have to do with my oldest daughter, Kristin. The day before yesterday we had gotten into a disagreement regarding her future. Let me start by saying Kristin graduated (a year ago) from SMU with a theater and Business degree, and has been working retail. Trying to find herself, as I put it. Kristin was my star, as an ornamental star tops the tree, and I being the tree. But now the star had lost it’s glow leaving the tree less visually desirable. For years I felt proud that I had produced this great light, but now I had nothing to show for what I thought was my greatest purpose and that was to raise teenage girls and lead them into this world; patting myself on the back, “job well done”.

You see, Kristin is in such a great place!!! She is living the life I always wanted for myself but never had the strength to go beyond my father’s stage, as I was his puppet. Quite the contrary, I have set the stage for Kristin, and tried to let her write her own act on life. Act 1, Kristin’s childhood.  Act 2, Kristin introduced me to you and is living the life she should be. She is actually teaching me, thru her journey to find herself. This is want I wanted for my children to live a much more complete and fulfilling life than mine.

As I sit here and prayerfully hope you have gotten to the end of this novel email letter, I am high on The Uni-verse’s grace that It has placed in me my purpose and I will continue my faith to allow my spirit to guide my life.

If I can ever be of help to you in ANY way, please let me know. My home is always an open door to you if your travels bring you to Texas.

Namaste, peace be with you,

A TDL Reader

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