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Daily Share – My Fear Is Preventing Me From Living My Life!

TDL_FB-iconI have been dealing with a lot of fear lately. I was unable to drive due to an illness for about a year, and now I am afraid of driving on busy highways or in cities. This is massively affecting my life. We live in a driving society! I just keep thinking about how dangerous it is to drive, how it’s more dangerous than flying, what an awesome responsibility it is, and how you’re taking your life in your hands when you drive. These things may be true, but I need to put them behind me and DRIVE. I would welcome some ideas on how to deal with my fears in an effective, constructive way from people who have confronted fear of driving or other things.

A TDL Reader

  • jill

    Sorry to hear your fear is keeping you from driving…and othet things as well. That can be very isolating. Finding a way to get unstuck can happen in numerous ways and this is a good start, reaching out. Some ideas come to mind. 1) Byron Katies work ( is it true…) 2). Tapping ( you can check out Nick Ortner’s work) 3). Counseling ( there are counselors who focus on phobias).You deserve to re-enter life and live fully. Gift that to yourself. Sending peace and light your way.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing some insight with our reader, Jill… Wishing you all the best. -TDL Team

  • Heather

    That sounds really difficult. I don’t know if it helps, but this immediately came to mind, for perhaps obvious reasons. It helps me..
    More practically speaking, the suggestion of seeking help from a counselor is excellent. Another idea might be finding enjoyable things you can do that require you drive there. That way you’d be forming more of a positive association, at least?
    Facing fears is a challenge we all must face. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s a clear sign you have the courage and wisdom needed to move forward in spite of your fears. Just focus on all the good you can achieve once you do! Sending love and light.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for reading and sharing, Heather. -TDL Team

  • Another TDL Reader

    Hello TDL Reader,

    I had a minor accident with the family car when I was in college which was not my fault. My father’s angry reaction, however, frightened me so much I just stopped driving for 3 years. Then I got hit by a car the police said was going 100 m/p/h. I was standing on the sidewalk and was sideswiped. I had no serious internal or head injuries but a lot of broken bones. Spent a year in the hospital and 3 years to get walking and on to work. I was really scared of driving, and knew if I did not deal with it, my fear could have a huge negative impact on my life.

    I used my mind to help me. I decided the seat belt (it was 1973 and they were still fairly new) had some kind of magical power. I “endowed” it with the power to keep me and others safe as long as I had it on. It sounds silly, I know, but that is what I decided to think.

    Then I took driving lessons all over again. TDL tells us when you reach out the universe will answer and it did. I got the best driving teacher for me. He was patient and understanding, had a great willingness to help and a good sense of humor. I was scared but he would wave gently at the road and say, “I’ve got all day. We will just drive up and down until you are comfortable.” And this was on the busy city street on which I had been hit. I was very scared but determined.

    Forty years later I mostly like driving. I have enjoyed all the benefits that driving can provide. You can get your confidence back and drive. I know you can. Counseling can be very helpful.

    • The Daily Love

      We’re glad to hear you’re back on the road again… Thanks for offering this to our reader. Wishing you all the best. -TDL Team