Daily Share – Need Relief For My Heart!

TDL_FB iconI have suffered much abuse in my life from childhood to domestic abuse. I have strived to rise above and love with all of my person all of my adult life. I currently am sole (soul) caretaker of my 93-year-old mother. I believed I had found the love of my life and invested a year of my life to find out he was unfaithful. My heart is so heavy. I continue to try to give and opened my home to a friend in need and her adult daughter. How can I find relief for my heart? No matter what life had thrown at me in the past I was able to rise up and love and go on. I feel so disconnected at this time.

A TDL Reader

  • melody

    Please don’t give up. YOu seem strong and compassionate and caring. Don’t give up your kindness and ability to love. It will and can get better.

  • Kristensmiles

    Pay attention to your inner light, however dim it may feel at the moment. Love it and nurture it. Iyanla Vanzant says, “PAIN- Pay Attention Inward Now.” No matter what your outer circumstances are, your inner soul is beautiful, strong and loving.

  • Medredith Henry

    Please remember that these hurtful things that happened to you WERE NOT ABOUT YOU! How we treat others is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. You can only control your behavior, and then try to look for the lesson when relationships or events don’t work out the way you had intended. Don’t let others behavior dictate your self worth. You are worthy of love and acceptance regardless of the people that hurt you in the past. 

    It seems like you are a caring person. Often caretakers tend to put themselves on the back burner. Remember that you are just as important as the people you are trying to help. So take time for YOU-do it every day! At first it will feel like you are being selfish. But don’t believe that thinking about yourself lovingly is wrong. Soon you will start attracting more loving people into your life when you show that you love yourself first. 

    Wishing you heaps of love on your path. 


  • Connie C.

    You are not alone. Not in the history of your past from childhood. Not in committing to a man who is unfaithful. Not in finding yourself as a caretaker to mom and others. Not in the ability to ask for help and receive it. In fact, this is a good time to do just that if you are feeling disconnected. Write down all things you would like to see change in your life as well as the lives of those you love and care about.  When mom is asleep, and the house is quite, go to your room or your favorite quite place. Once there, read all the words you wrote about the changes you hope to see. Read aloud if you can, or whisper them if you prefer. Before you start, say this words : “I have some issues that are keeping me away from my inner strength. I am asking for help.” After you read all words on your sheet, finish with a simple “Thank You”. Notice I didn’t mention God, because you didn’t either in your Daily Share. It is not necessary to believe in God, in order to get help. Whether you do, is your business. Adjust your reading to the format of a prayer if you do, or leave it be if you don’t. Either way, I guarantee you will change your life. Especially if you include in your request that positive change comes to others as well. Especially those who have hurt you. If you can get to this point of wishing for these with the same soul force you wish for yourself, the response to your request/prayer will arrive at the speed of a Fedex letter.

  • LindaRay Cameron

    I was well into my forties before the memories of the sexual abuse came flooding back. I was a mess for awhile. I started seeing a great therapist and reading books. The book that helped me was A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. It set me on a new path of reading spiritual books. One day I realized that what had happened was a terrible thing but what I got from it was a gift of get compassion for others that went through this kind of experience. I had a hard time forgiving Mom until I saw her one day as myself. She was flesh and blood just like me and a vehicle for me to arrive on this plain. It changed my whole experience of her and I know longer held the feelings that had affected my whole life. It’s all a choice and we can at anytime view an experience from another place. Know that you are loved and it start with you. Look inside and see your beauty. I see it in you!

  • lflpm

    If you are disconnected then connect. Tell your friend in need you are in need. Ask, no, tell them you need them to watch your mom one night a week. Then you go out to a church group, dancing or whatever you like doing with other positive people. You have been through enough. Take some time to love yourself.